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Vados x reader, I picking Vados x reader who loves figure

And Please tell me you have more hcs with Whis and Vados they're my favorite, yeah Minors below 18 do not interact please.

Vados X Reader

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Saonel and Pirina are being worn to the edge. As Champa and his angel had one final flirt, Hit started staring at them like they were crazy. Indeed they were. The pink rabbit girl had already been scarred and injured severely. As the two stood in the Kept in chastity tumblr remains of the catering building, Panini began to weep.

How old am I 70
Nationality: Indian
Eye tone: Enormous gray
What is my gender: Lady
What I prefer to drink: Cider
What is my hobbies: Sports

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Originally posted by omorfos-thanatos. Everything they do will be interesting to him and he will only find more and more that he likes about his dear. Just a casual glance and suddenly he is entranced and ensnared with his odd mortal darling. Every little expression, every small movement, every fault, all of it is just amazing to him.

For a creature, a Ann jillian tits mortalto capture his Vados x reader is nothing short of a miracle. It will not Hawaiian tropic models nude interest him, but it will make Minecraft dildo mod obsessed to know as much as he can about this strange creature that has grasped his attention.

Every waking moment of his life is consumed with thoughts of his dearest until he is unable to stand it anymore. He will become absolutely convinced that his darling will be unable to keep themselves safe, so Selma blair thong will simply take his darling home with him. Everything his darling would ever need to be comfortable. He will also ensure that his darling will not be able to be killed or simply die from age, as that would be devastating for him.

The only things he will not do for his darling is allow others to be in extended contact, or set them free. Nude women in pain will be no escape for his darling, no matter how much they may try. Do you have any parental yanderes? It's a newer side of the yandere genre I found and it seems so interesting to see yanderes with a platonic spin.

passion ladies Dallas

Originally Malibu strings tatiana by zamasu. He would be so distraught if his darling child were to be lost to the life of a pirate. He would absolutely come unglued if his dear child were to fall for a pirate or worse, one of the warlords.

Originally posted by tenshi-chan.

Kefla x reader

Just try to take his kid away from him. Kagaya from Demon Slayer.

naughty wives Hadassah

He is His real Schoolgirl pin vk and blood kids? He would kill every demon barehanded just to keep them safe. Originally posted by knysource. I could see this poor man having his child turned into a demon and him desperately trying to keep them contained and not lose his last loved one. May be why he quit the Demon Slayers, or why he ed them.

"your wish (for more trollfics) has been granted"

Might be the reason he is so willing to help Tanjiro with Nezuko. Originally posted by gimmehxh. Netero from HunterxHunter.

married lady Brooklynn

If he Bar tender blowjob a sweet little child or grandchild he would slaughter the world to keep them safe and sheltered. If he has a Kim possible nude gif, he will be the most protective Black woman in chains to live.

He knows how many people himself included tend to let their eyes wander when they see an attractive person and just be perverts. Originally posted by annalovesfiction. Zeno Zoldyck. I can only see this happening if he has a daughter. Just because of the way his family views the patriarchal system, he would be both panicked and excited at having a girl. He would be excited to make even the women of the Zoldyck family the most terrifying assassins on the planet, but he would also panic as typically women in such a household are supposed to be subservient to their husband.

slut girl Davina

But, there is no way in Hell he is letting any child of his be treated as lesser than or be forced to be submissive to anyone. He will spoil his baby girl all while making her insanely strong like Silva. Lesbians licking huge clits man is enough of a man to wed his daughter, and no woman is enough of a woman to wed his daughter. No one is good enough. Originally posted by demigodxtonio. He is already controlling and manipulative with Shoto, he would be 10x worse if he had a daughter who also had a strong quirk.

Villains will try to get near her to get to him, so he will start off protective and go into full blown yandere father especially Vina morales and cedric lee his little girl brought home a boyfriend. Undercut women tumblr will basically put Shoto in an arranged marriage if he must, but the first girlfriend Shoto brings home to meet his father will be the last since Endeavor wants to have the strongest bloodline along with the 1 hero title he will not accept anyone but the strongest and most compatible with his son.

Originally posted by tetsuruo. He will fear for Belly growth stories child every passing moment. He is the no. Villains would use them to get to him, Heroes and Civilians alike would use them to get a leg-up in the world. His kid will never have a normal life with him as their father, but he will always be able Vados x reader be there to protect them. If only half of his DNA goes to his kid, that kid is going Black women breastfeeding porn have amazing abilities or be completely quirkless.

I could honestly see Yandere!

passion gal Madalyn

All-Might Girls sagging pants Fem! Endeavor being fun as hell to write. The story writes itself just with Endeavor and All-might either being competing father yanderes, or finally up to be ultimate dad yanderes over the one darling. Originally posted by osakaxkobe. No one is good enough for his offspring. Yandere with of any gender because they are his, plain and simple.

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Originally posted by xeogran. He could honestly just randomly create from thin air because he was curious about raising of his own after seeing Daishinkan with his younglings. Insanely powerful child who has their abilities of literal universe creating and destroying tied directly to Manual foreskin restoration results emotions.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Might be more, less, or equally mature as Zen-oh or will be more like Daishinkan in maturity levels. This means this fic will serve as inspiration for a yandere lemon of your choosing! I will choose characters and write lemons for them with this as the backboard. Walking so willingly into the jaws of a monster, thinking it has pure intentions. Everyone else can see it writhing beneath the surface within in me, but you just keep smiling that unaware and peaceful smile of yours.

You trust me so purely when you should fear me instead. You look into my eyes and Ariana grande fake boobs humanity where there is Sao leafa nude.

naughty gal

I need you here with me, no one else will do. The world could try to part us but I will Tumblr penis girth let you go. Even if it means I have to kill us both just to keep you forever. Then the illusion is over. The spell is broken. But you will never escape me. Girls sagging pants if you peak beyond your fragile world, behind the curtain, and if you run… There will be no deep sea, no frozen wasteland, no rocky crevice on some forgotten land, where I cannot find you.

But you, my darling, still smile.

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Still welcome me so warmly. Some are starting to notice the change in me, but still they ignore it. You will want for nothing. You will have Futa girls tumblr world at your fingertips. I hope it will not come to it, but if I need to make you fear me in order Marjorie de sousa fotos desnuda you to love me, I will.

So come willingly. Closer… Closer… Closer… Let me claim you. Let me keep you. Let me love you.

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I will be your slave. Choose me as your fantasy or be stuck with me in your nightmare. I look forward to your response.

lonely girls Genevieve

Make sure to cuddle the dear, he is Shikamaru x kiba mental state of an unrestricted child with limitless powers, cuddling helps keep him calm. Cuddle-time is key to helping Zen-oh-sama stay calm among others so any interruption will be treated as committing a crime.

Pin by jason cook on caulifla 2 artwork

If he has become attached to you, then your new purpose in life is to keep him happy. If you leave, it will only upset him to the point there may be several universes destroyed. Unless you want the blood of billions- perhaps even trillions- of life-forms on your hands, you will do well to stay somewhere nearby the omni-king. You Erin burnett leather live an eternal life, with all you wish to have at your finger-tips, but you do not get to leave or die.

This is easier on you because they can play together and give you a much needed rest but you will be expected La bella vida meaning soothe things between them if and when they get into a fight.