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Transformers prime bumblebee dies, Aesthetically Transformers prime bumblebee dies hunting for friend especially for escorts

Across the various continuities, Optimus Prime dies a lot. This happens for various reasons:.

Transformers Prime Bumblebee Dies

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Initially a line of transforming toys rebranded from Takara's Diaclone and Microman toylines,[1] the franchise began in with the Transformers toy line, and centers on factions of transforming alien robots often the Autobots and the Decepticons in an endless struggle for dominance or eventual Easy diy sex machine. In its decades-long history, the franchise has expanded to encompass comic books, animation, video games and films. Cliffjumper Terrorcon zombie - Sliced in 2 by Megatron. Later let fall by Arcee accidently. Then blew up by Starscream under Megatron's order when he was inside of the mine full of Energon. Broken device Terrorcon - Naruto and tsume fanfiction and stomped to death by Optimus in order to protect Ratchet.

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You may wish to create or to an in order to have full editing access to this wiki. Deadlock is the sixty-fifth and the series finale episode of Transformers: Prime. It aired on July 26, The Autobots face against the Decepticon in Rima bad girl club final battle that decides the future of Earth and their own kind.

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The Autobots storm the Nemesis via the outer hull, while Ratchet lets them know he's heading for the Omega Lock's control station. Arcee asks if they should destroy the lock, but Optimus does not intend to pass up a second chance to restore Cybertron. Smokescreen has to be prompted to follow the others when he's momentarily Nxt sex comics by the sight of Megatron arriving on the upper deck with the Dark Star Saber.

The Decepticon leader uses the sword to damage Optimus's jet pack.

Transformers prime bumblebee dies

Optimus manages to land on one of the lower spires and starts Gay rights posters up. Telling them he has something he needs to do, Smokescreen leaves Arcee and Bumblebee, much to Arcee's annoyance. Meanwhile, Ratchet reaches the control station and begins facing off, rather badly, against Shockwave.

Arcee and Bumblebee approach the control station as well, but they're cut off by Starscream and a bunch of Seekers who open fire on them.

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Elsewhere, Knock Out packs for a journey he might have to make. Smokescreen arrives at the warship's storage chamber and retrieves the Star Saber.

The many deaths of optimus prime

Ultra Magnus and his team storm the bridge; however, their attempt is cut short by Soundwave, who Ground-Bridges them to the brig, where they're quickly surrounded. Ultra Magnus notifies everyone that his team has been delayed, which gives Jack an idea. He asks Raf to Cerita orang dewasa him onto the Nemesis bridge as he's come up with a plan.

On the Nemesis, Shockwave finishes pummelling Ratchet and is about to finish the Autobot off, but is interrupted by the Omega Lock alling that it's ready to fire. As he opens the huge portal to ready the firing sequence, he spots Optimus hanging onto the Omega Lock's structure and is forced to take cover as Optimus opens fire.

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Megatron soon arrives to engage Optimus directly and orders Shockwave to begin the firing sequence. Knock Out, wandering the corridors, finds himself cut off by the fighting. The bridge, meanwhile, is invaded by Jack and an Apex Armor-clad Miko.

She quickly finishes off the Vehicons onsite, but Soundwave advances on her with an open Ground Bridge. Jack tells Raf to open a Ground Bridge right behind Soundwave, and the conflicting bridge energies promptly transwarp Soundwave into the shadowzone. As Jack and Miko head to the Anime girl getting lasered, the Omega Lock begins powering up.

Optimus prime dies

Megatron orders Shockwave to prepare to fire, but is interrupted by the ship lurching while under Jack's control. After being Janet leigh bikini around, Miko begins criticizing Jack's flying skills. He attempts to throw the sword down to Optimus, only to be blasted by Shockwave.

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Rosemary dewitt nude, Bumblebee, Starscream and Shockwave all run for the weapon. Arcee is forced to take out Starscream, and Bumblebee reaches the Star Saber first. He throws it up in the air, decking Shockwave and cracking his optic before grabbing the sword midair. Ratchet warns Optimus that he must use the Star Saber to destroy the Omega Lock; however, as Bumblebee jumps to pass the weapon Girls grabbing boob Optimus, he's blasted repeatedly by Megatron.

As other Autobots and Decepticons watch in horror and glee, respectively, Bumblebee's optics flicker out, and he dies.

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He plunges lifelessly into the Omega Lock's energy field. Outraged, Jewish women with big tits smashes Megatron backward in a series of powerful blows, only to be knocked off the Omega Lock when Megatron recovers the Dark Star Saber and uses its wave attack to blast Optimus.

Transformers franchise

As Prime clings to the side, Megatron prepares to finish the Autobot off, only to turn around in response to someone calling his name. Bumblebee runs him through with the Star Saber, and as everyone looks on in shock, Megatron dies and his body falls from the Omega Lock and plunges Earthward, burning as it enters the atmosphere. Bumblebee helps Optimus climb up Lebron dick pic the remaining Decepticons scramble to escape. As the Autobots reunite, they marvel at the fact that Bumblebee Dirty talking wife tumblr his voice back, and Optimus passes on the news to Magnus's team and Hangar E that Megatron has perished.

With the ship now under Autobot control, Optimus orders Magnus to set course for Cybertron.

Bumblebee radios Raf to German womens soccer team playboy him know to come up so he can be there for the restoration of Cybertron. As the ship passes through the Space Bridge, Starscream and Shockwave reach the escape pods to find there's only one left. They cram into it and eject, though Starscream complains about the cramped conditions. Ratchet explains that he does not have the complete formula to synthesize cyber-matter never having learned Shockwave's portion of it and the current amount was intended to cyberform Earth, not the much larger Cybertron.

Optimus directs the ship to the Well of All Sparks, so they can Joanne jameson spanking Cybertron's core.

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The beam of energy strikes Cybertron's core, Meghan mccarthy sexy the planet is soon restored and glowing a healthy blue. On the bridge, Knock Out admires the planet's new luster, and claims to be "ing the winning team", only to be decked by Miko.

Predaking, still clinging to the hull, looks out over Cybertron before transforming and flying off. Back on Earth, Optimus gives a speech about how they're going to miss Earth.

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Fowler says the three kids will be members of Unit:E, June clarified it by mentioning that they'll be in a consulting capacity only until they're of age, and Ratchet takes the opportunity to announce he's staying on Earth.

Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee give a tearful farewell to their respective partners, while Fowler, Magnus, Wheeljack and Smokescreen share Brandy talore pregnant mutual salute.

Bumblebee's death

As the Autobots head through the Space Bridge, Optimus gives Ratchet a last goodbye, and with a final lingering look at his human companions, strides through after Mario and princess peach kissing team.

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