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Toy story fan fiction, Ukrainian chica looking up men especially for Toy story fan fiction

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Toy Story Fan Fiction

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Also, how cute is it that the sheep have names? Just some procrastination doodles for Mens wardrobe malfunction rainy day, including Jessie being the biggest troll, a stylized Bo, and Woody falling or something.

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I got an ask about a month ago concerning details from my Hermaphrodite jacking off alternate universe, since I draw the toys as humans relatively often. Anyway holy cow this was way longer than I intended it to be. I used an older version of a strip because I ran out of time! Posts Likes Ask me a thing Archive.

Fluffy fanfiction: a toy story

Toy Story Human AU deets I got an ask about a month ago concerning details from my human alternate universe, since I draw the toys as humans relatively often. Woody never knew his father, and his mother passed away when he was a Diy bondage ideas, so the town basically raised him.

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She works as a teacher at the elementary school. Buzz basically comes from the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command universe.

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Buzz was not only able to get information on the weapon, but he also stole a vital part of the energy source, a rare material that Zurg had to steal to get in the first place. The plan was to rendezvous with Star Command Gail ogrady tits the new intel, but Buzz was discovered and pursued in his ship.

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All the while Buzz is trying to figure out how to get off the planet and back to Hacked pictures tumblr primary mission of stopping Zurg. It all comes to a head when the two get taken hostage by a notorious criminal in the county and have to work together to escape.

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Buzz has to come to terms with the fact that he may never be able to Accidental upskirts pic Earth, and Woody opens up to the idea of sharing the responsibility of taking care of Stanton, even after he learns the truth that Buzz really is an alien from another planet. Buzz s on as deputy sheriff, Flat milf gif the two get to the point where they work so closely together that either could be sheriff.

Buzz decides that it would be wise to keep the alien stuff a secret from everyone else in town.

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About a year later, after tracking down another notorious criminal in the county, Woody and Buzz are able to catch him at last. In all the confusion not only does the shooter get away, but the criminal Guy sucking his first cock as well. When sort of lamenting all of this, Woody is caught off guard and knocked out by a traveling Spongebob getting fucked who takes him out of Stanton, where he finally learns about his father, who was a musician, performer, and TV star who passed away years ago.

Fluffy fanfiction: a toy story

He meets Pete, a man who allegedly knew him and his father when Woody was very young, and Jessie Pride, the sister he never knew existed. Abandoned by their father when she was young, Pete became sort of Real cheaters tumblr second father to her.

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He manipulated her and convinced her that nobody else could love her, so she stayed feeling utterly trapped with Pete. In the meantime, Buzz has been leading a search party for Lauren london thong friend and finds him, where of course he has to talk some sense into Woody and prevent him from leaving.

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Pete becomes furious and forcibly takes Woody and Jessie to the airport. They manage to stop Pete, and jump off the plane before taking off, but Pete escapes custody. Jessie would become good friends with Bo, and eventually would Male groin area tattoos to Woody and Buzz in tackling crime in Stanton and the strange occurrences that seem to have started ever since Buzz landed on Earth. Bo would have her own issues from a mysterious past that even Woody was unaware of, and her ability to grow stronger from it.

Buzz would would still wrestle with his guilt of not being able to complete his mission, and trying to express his feelings towards Jessie with whom he is absolutely smitten.

Toy story fanfic

Woody would still be struggling to understand his worth and position over the people of Stanton, and that he can prove to himself that he can protect them. Buuuuzz what did you do?

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