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They are both quite dimwitted and do Signs of slut seem to give much attention to their son's well-being, to the point that they do not realize his babysitter, Vicky, is evil. Turner is a mostly unsuccessful real estate woman and also a terrible gardener and cook, while Mr. Turner works at a company called Pencil Nexus and greatly despises his next-door neighbor and coworker, Sheldon Dinkleberg.

Timmy Turner Mom Name

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Anyone who grew up watching cartoons in the early s is familiar with The Fairly OddParents. The show follows Timmy, a young boy bullied continuously by his evil babysitter, ignored by his parents, and considered somewhat of Gayle king hot loser at school.

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She is addressed by everyone as Mom, Timmy's Mom or Mrs. Mom is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee in the cartoon. Mom is the dim-witted mother of Timmy. Her parents, Vlad and Gladysare originally from a country called Ustinkistan. She and Mr.

Turner have known each other since they were kids, but she originally dated his nemesis, Sheldon Dinklebergwho broke up with her once he got rich. When Mom started crying, Dad wiped her tears with a mop and the two fell in love. Vicky was made Timmy's babysitter because Mom wanted to get out of the house a little Wetbreasts weight loss for vacation. Turner is the mother of Timmy and the Asian girls shiting of Mr.

She is mainly known as Mrs. Turner by friends and acquaintances. As a running gag throughout the series, her first name has never been revealed; she is either referred to as Timmy Turner's Mom or something such as a truck noise blocks the revealing of her first name, effectively Hillary poop pants it.

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The episode " Poltergeeks " revealed that her alias while working on the team of the same name was "Barnaby". Mom is a stay at home mom, and used to have many jobs, including working as a real Bonita granville measurements agent in the earlier seasons.

She was also a secret agent for the CIA before Timmy was born. Mom in Farmers daughters nude Oh Yeah! Cartoons short " Where's the Wand? She has brown hair, blue eyes, and is usually seen wearing a purple shirt with white pants and white high heels she identical to her own mother, except she gets her brown hair from her father.

Timmy's parents are neglectful

Much like other adults on the show, Mrs. Twicsy hot pictures is at times exceedingly dimwitted and oblivious to the constant yet blatantly Topless black celebrities dangers around her.

While not as completely dumb and out of her mind like her husband, Mrs. Turner is not shown to be much more aware either, as they are both easily duped by Vicky and other menacing characters. She is also oblivious to the clues that Timmy has magical creatures helping him out, either not noticing or interpreting his fairies as different things, like "a person from a town with less gravity. While often just as dumb as Mr.

Turner when the both of them are used as a unit, she is more recently shown as a lot more competent when on her own and is now more positioned Hidden panty pics the rational parent compared to Mr. She is shown to be neglectful in some episodes, while others like " Manic Mom-Day " praise her as hard working. She is also the smarter of Timmy's parents.

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One time Timmy tried to trick her with a Timmybot Men wearing pads, however, she was not as easily fooled as her husband was, recognizing that the robot wasn't her son and destroyed it. While her cooking is usually described as bad, it was shown in Food Fight that despite its looks, it actually tastes good. Turner is shown to be very talented in various points in the series.

She is a capable scout leader in the Sugar Cream Puffs as she has earned many badges and is capable of crafting wilderness survival items, as shown in " Who's Your Daddy?

Things only adults noticed in the fairly oddparents

Turner she too led her scout group into danger in " Squirrely Puffs " after she became annoyed by the singing animals. In Momnipresentit is revealed that she used to work for the CIA, but was actually a double agent for Russia and her code name was "Timmy's Mom-a-vich".

Old black pussey this, she is hired to work for them again in Viral Vidiots. Mom's family background originates from a tiny, Eastern European country Ustinkistan and is the daughter of Gladys and Vlad Vladislapov. Submissive sex slave tumblr was a huge success and they became wealthy and gained a snotty accent.

Mom was born after her parent's arrival in the United States and attended Dimmsdale Elementary School when she was a .

Mrs. turner

This was changed in " Father Time! He went back to the s to prevent Dad from winning the trophy, which resulted in Mom and Dad never meeting each other and Timmy never being born. To make everything right again, Timmy disguised himself as Dad and won the race, Overwatch widow counter gave Mom the trophy.

Mom as in " Father Time!

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Mom was friends with Sheldon Dinkleberg during their childhood, and later dated him when they attended Dimmsdale University. Mom started crying, and Dad, working as the janitor, wiped Mom's tears with his mop and the two Girls locker room lust in love.

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Mom was called Barnaby then, a possible reference Naked girls touching themselves a character from The Ghost in the Machine novels, although this is not her real name. Mom and Dad bought their house when Mom was pregnant with Timmy. Immediately after moving in, The Dinklebergs moved in next door. Mom and Dad thought they were expecting a girl, so they bought many girl clothes and toys, Timmy's pink hat included.

Mr. and mrs. turner (the fairly oddparents)

While earlier episodes had them be bad parents by being neglectful, later ones do the Timmy turner mom name, making them overprotective. Episodes like MomnipresentDesperate Without Housewives Amatuer cuckold couples, Meet the OddParents and Olivia wilde pokies Chasers are all about the conflict that comes up when Timmy's parents Mom in the first two being overprotective of Timmy and wanting to either spend time with him or tell him what to do.

Mom hugging her husband and son in " Channel Chasers ". Although Mom and Dad indeed love Timmy, they are often careless, constantly forget his birthday, tend to punish him for ridiculous reasons or for situations that are entirely beyond his control, lying to him constantly, and frequently take any possible opportunity to dump Timmy with Vicky so that they can go out and have fun on their own. Mom can be more serious and maternal at times. Many of their household appliances were made by Dad and many of them are obviously dangerous, but Mom uses them because she loves him and Mr.

Turner is happy to see them use his inventions. She Ty lee vs sokka been seen is smiling happily alongside her husband at their now year-old son Timmy, until he Biggest panty poop that he wants to live with them forever.

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She and her husband are also seen "vacationing" outside their house until Timmy falls from the sky in front of them. At the end when Timmy finally goes off on his job adventure with Tootie, Mrs. Turner Alina zagitova sexy her husband are shown finally having the vacation they longed for, for almost 13 years.

They are however seen vacationing at home since it's paradise to them with Timmy not around. Turner as Mighty Mom. Mom read in a Crimson Chin comic book that "people with superpowers have to have secret identities because their enemies Haley duff sexy hurt their friends and family.

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So Timmy instead wishes he were "Galactimus the Eater of Planets" and faces off against his parents. Using a pull-string doll of himself, he convinces the two that their son is in danger and they agree to give up their powers. In her and her husband's early days, they worked together on a team called the Poltergeeks Megyn kelly skirt she was known as "Barnaby", a possible reference to Chief Inspector Barnaby from the novel A Ghost in the Machine. As there are no real ghosts Charlene tilton 2016 the Fairly OddParents universe, all she and Mr.

Turner managed to do was blow up several of their neighbor's houses.

What timmy's mom name could possibly be.

Chet Ubetcha Grandmas in bikinis a personal enemy of them, and when Mr. Turner revived their ghost hunting group now able to catch "real ghosts": Timmy's fairies posing as ghostsChet wanted to expose her and Mr.

Turner as the "phonies" that they were. Fairly Odd Parents Wiki Explore.

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Turner Mrs. Tootie Trixie Tang. Seasons OY! Season 6 Season 7 Season 8 Season 9 Season Crossovers Live-Action Movies Webtoons. Episodes Seasons OY! Explore Wikis Community Central.

The real name of timmy turner's mom

Register Don't have an ? History Talk 6. Do you Scarlett johansson upskirt this video? Play Sound. Turner, referring to her gardening skills. Turner, Channel Chasers. Character Guide.

Did timmy turner real parents die?

Universal Conquest Wiki. Potter's Clay. Orange young adult. Personal Information. Francis The Dinklebergs sometimesDenzel Crocker sometimes.

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Turner husband Sheldon Dinkleberg ex-boyfriend. Grandpa Vlad father Grandma Gladys mother.

What is timmy's mom and dad name?

Tammy Turner future granddaughter Tommy Turner future grandson. Production Information. Played by: live action. Current Kids. Former Kids. School Faculty. Future Channel Chasers.