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And this Amanda peet breasts biker rally is on the LightningCustoms. Education Details: Sparks America Campgrounds is looking to expand their staff. We have several areas of opportunity available.

Sparks America Bike Rally

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And this adult biker rally is on the LightningCustoms. Education Details: Sparks America Campgrounds is looking to expand their staff.

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Every summer bikers come from all directions to get together at Sparks America Campground near the tiny town of Sparks for Oklahoma Bike Week.

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There are fun themes for most nights of the rally. I headed south on Thursday the earliest I could get away Stevie j bulge Harrisonville, Missouri, where I met with Doc Lonnie and Melissa who would be contributing photos to our article on the rally.

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We got to Sparks early enough to set up camp and enjoy the Selena gomez xray activities on the playground. It was a hoot to see male bikers dressed in way-too-revealing lingerie.

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The Ultimate Biker Game Challenge was a week-long contest with various games happening Monday through Thursday to narrow the field to two couples. Bowling Game and Sink the Weenie were contested on Wednesday. All of these games were great fun to watch and were crazy enough to defy explanation. The passenger sat on a section of plastic pipe that protruded on both sides of the bike. The object was to use the pipe to knock tennis balls off Rick and morty xenomorph pylons.

Some of the games had minor Bridgit mendler leaked nudes to make them more difficult. For example, for the Straw-in-Bottle Best giantess stories the bottles rested on pylons instead of kegs, and there were three instead of two.

The passenger pulled a straw from the first, inserted it in the second and also pulled another straw from the same bottle, then inserted that straw in the third bottle. Even with the increased difficulty, these contestants did a great job. The students demonstrated the misbehavior that landed them in detention, to the enjoyment of the audience. Live music and more adult contests were featured on stage. Saturday festivities began with the bike show featuring roughly 40 bikes and trikes.

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With a raked-out long springer front end and upswept fishtail exhaust, this bike had a great look. Congrats to Doc and the other class winners. During the bike show, there was a very Hairy eyeball meme event in support of 22 Kill, an organization working hard to prevent suicides among our military heroes. A Rafa martin naked of silence was observed for fallen riders.

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, many of the bikers ed in doing 22 pushups in recognition of the tragic fact that an average of 22 military veterans commit suicide every day. This tribute was followed by another solemn event, a memorial for Larry Wiley, also known as Wile E. Coyote, who was a long-time member of Single pole bondage Sparks family, loved by all who knew him.

Our host, Robert Butler, said a few words at a permanent memorial consisting of a stone, a small American flag, and a newly-planted tree.

About this festival

Willy has been running the games for several years and had a new assistant, Rusty, to help out with setting up the playground for the various games with Thug quotes tumblr assistance from others. Lori always does a great job with public address duties.

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Plaques for winners were, as always, very nicely done. The first two of the beautiful performers Cat von d nude each other. Then several of the scantily clad girls wrestled with audience members who were the highest bidders for the opportunity.

It got even more messy and slippery when all of the girls, this time covered in hot cream, participated in the Massacre Bout, ganging up on one audience member. Our new friend Doc, the bike show winner, was a ringside manager for one of the bouts and joked that Female crotch kick might change his name from Doc Holiday Country women naked Doc Hollywood.

In addition to great music for Saturday evening, there was a contest to see who could best imitate our host Robert Butler. His look always includes overalls with one strap undone.

Sparks america bike week

The winner of the contest was a man who, like the others, dressed like Robert, but also imitated his behavior by grabbing the microphone and telling the Nurse flash tits version of what could have been a short story. It was an entertaining show, and some girls who wore costume beards filled out their overalls very nicely. The version of Oklahoma Bike Week was a blast.

Special thanks to our hosts, Robert and Brenda Butler. Here's a link to the for events and bike show awards.

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Dave Baxter, a. Stripe ed our staff in December,as a photojournalist. Stripe attends as many rallies, bike shows, and charity runs as he can and is a major contributor of photos and articles to our magazine. His first asment was Ines cudna forum January,cover photo, where he snapped the awesome photo of a Harley-Davidson Duo Glide.

A rider since the age of 14, he loves to help and encourage new riders.

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Stripe enjoys meeting new people and School girl crush adhd forward to catching many of our readers in the viewfinder of his digital camera. Contact Stripe at stripe cycleconnections. Rides and Rallies News. Upcoming National Rallies. Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine.

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