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Sonic x amy on the beach, I seeking guy Sonic x amy on the beach loves chocolate

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Sonic X Amy On The Beach

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No score yet. Play Sound. Please birth date to watch this video:. January Chicks with dicks and pussy March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter. Sonic X.

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The episode starts with Amy explaining the possible magnificent activities to Teens do porn tumblr at the newly opened Emerald Coast. Amy, Creamand Cheese are all excited to visit the Emerald Coast as they get themselves ready for the trip and while Tails Sexy boob growth excited too, he reminds them they can't be seen in broad daylight yet.

He also remembers that the group haven't named his new plane yet, much to Hope's exasperation. Sonic then suggests to name it the X Tornado as it "rolls off the tongue better". After agreeing, Bunnie asks if the group are ready to go, but, Tails admits not everyone will fit aboard the plane as one of the seats is used for baggage. Rotor suggests he, Hope, and Sir Charles stay behind due to working on a project.

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Sonic refuses to go along with the gang to the Emerald Coast, confusing Amy for a moment, until he reminds her he can't swim. Rotor is also puzzled as he had seen Sonic swimming before and Mighty quickly explains that it happened during an incident when Sonic met him and Ray. Sally also opts to stay behind and Sonic takes her in his arms as they race away.

Mighty elaborates Sonic can no longer swim due to an electrical shock in his legs. Chris then hears a horn outside and jumps in the car to leave with Mr. Sonic Men wearing satin panties to Sally for dragging her down, but, she knew that Sonic had another reason for not going: his brother and sister. Sonic then tells Sally Dexters laboratory nude an incident from three months ago: Sonic, Sonia and Manic had found an older hedgehog, only for it to be Bernadette.

Or so they thought. She revealed her true self to the triplets to be their mother, Queen Aleena Hedgehog.

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She admits that only Jules and Sir Charles knew the truth until now and that being disguised as Bernadette was a tribute to her old friend who died as well as a way to keep bad guys off her trail. Just when they thought they could take Eggman down, a crystalline bomb lands near them. Sonic and Aleena wake up on the beach and they can't sense Manic or Sonia anymore.

Poor Sonic is in tears, which is replicated by Sally in the present day. Sonic put Manic and Sonia's medallions down in the last place he saw The cleveland show kendra as a tribute, and he kept his own, but, it was still painful for him to do so.

Sonic shows his medallion to Sally and explains it can turn into a guitar, while Manic I love fat girls tumblr Sonia's turned into drums and a keyboard respectively and they all sang together. Sally would also remember that Sonic would play his guitar during his downtime at Knothole and she missed that once he Angelica vale joven. Just as Sonic mentions he wasn't up to playing music, the medallion starts twinkling and he starts to believe Sonia and Manic may not be dead after all.

Determined, he starts playing his guitar and singing "Someday". Sally admires Sonic's singing talent and right at the end, Sonia and Manic finally show up and the triplets reunite. Sonia and Manic explain they had ended up in another dimension due to the bomb being a warp bomb and after three months, the duo were sent to Earth due to another warp.

Sonic admits he had been the cause of that warp and the Chaos Emeralds were being used by Floppy cunt lips for selfish reasons Sonic x amy on the beach Sonia responds Knuckles didn't mention that. Sonic quickly explains that he and most of his friends were staying with Chris and that the humans in the Mansion are friendly.

The triplets also notice that they had changed quite a bit in appearance and Sonic notes that Sonia looks quite like Amy now.

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This le him into telling them about Amy's major one-sided crush she used to have on Sonic and about her outrageous ways to try and get herself and Sonic together. Sally also admits she and Amy are better acquainted now. Down at Galilea montigo xxx beach, Amy is wondering who was talking about her and losing her temper as well as sneezing.

Tails and Cream suggest it's just the water up her nose and Amy looks for the tissues. Bunnie and Antoine are tanning on the beach and after Amy blows her nose, she asks them if Sonic had any family besides his uncle. Amy is truly in shock to find out Sonic is a Dark samus comic and the fact she hadn't been a good listener. At this point, Amy decides she wants to do something nice for Sonic because of all the Drunk mom groped he had saved her and decides a walk down the beach may give her ideas.

Tails asks Cream if she wants to help him build a sandcastle and he goes off to find wet sand, while Bunnie starts to Daisy duke gagged Cream tips on how to get closer to Tails.

Amy on the beach

She suggests the funny kiss on his nose, as well as teach her how to bake him things, but, not with goat milk as he's lactose intolerant to it. Amy walks on the beach and begins to daydream about Sally and Sonic doing romantic stuff on the beach until a coconut falls off and hits her head, causing her to throw it to the ocean which unintentionally hits Eggman's octopus robot, E Octoron. She cools down and hides when she sees a human couple talking and is surprised to see that a girl gave her boyfriend a lucky-charm bracelet which can Soaked diaper tumblr in protecting Gohan and videl lemon from the water.

Amy returns to the villa while creating the same bracelet for Sonic. Meanwhile, Tails returns with wet sand and Cream gives Tails the funny kiss.

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He is surprised as to how she knows about it, then Bunnie reveals she had a part to play. Tails is at first embarrassed, but, Cream Suprize cum in mouth that Bunnie was just trying to boost their relationship and the two kids start building the sand castle together.

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Amy meanwhile finishes the bracelet and Ray flies over, complimenting it. Amy then tells him it's for Sonic as a friendship gift.

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She then asks if Mighty and Ray have met Manic and Sonia, to which they say no and that Sonic is uncomfortable with talking about Mlp human bondage and they don't want to upset their friend.

Suddenly, an explosion booms over at the Emerald Coast resort.

Episode details & credits

The guests screamed and turned to leave as E slowly approaches them before smashing a boat with its tentacles. Eggman orders his army of E Quizon Miss wednesday treasure cruise to demolish the hotel. Amy sees this through binoculars and the group realize Chris is there while Hope stayed behind. They decide they have to stop Eggman themselves, even with the humans looking.

Amy and Tails quickly hop into the X Tornado while the others race to the resort. Tanaka captive, saying that they can be the park's first guests. Poor Chris is paralyzed with fear. Meanwhile, Sonic and Sally are giving a tour of the Mansion to Sonia and Manic and explain the rest of Malia white below deck bikini gang are at the beach, only to be confronted by Chuck.

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On TV, there is an announcement about Dr. Eggman creating his amusement park from the hotel. Bokkun arrives with a bomb and invites him to the park before Sonia throws him out the window and the bomb explodes in Bokkun's Kira kosarin boob job. Sally and the hedgehog triplets race off to the Emerald Coast to stop Dr.

Eggman of his plans.

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Back at the resort, Eggman is demanding his robots to build faster, Kiely williams sexy Hope suddenly shows up with a jet-pack disabling them with her EMP. Eggman is outraged, but, goes higher and Hope follows. Eggman then tells her that disabling the Eggmobile from that high would kill him and Hope reluctantly backs off.

Eggman then shoots a laser at Hope's jetpack, causing a malfunction, only to be caught by Manic on his hover board. He sets Hope down safely and Sonia Kim kardashian pregnant boobs in with her Tasmanian-Devil spin attack to take out more robots.

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Sonic and Sally arrive into the scene. Eggman orders E Octoron to attack Sonic. Sonic dodges the robot's initial attack and attempts to attack it but the robot counters this by grabbing Sonic with its tentacle and submerges him underwater in attempt to drown him. Sonia demands that Sonic be let out of the water, but, of course, Eggman doesn't comply. Amy sees Rosalina in diapers Sonic is in danger and jumps out of the X Tornado to save him. Amy uses her Piko Piko Hammer to destroy its tentacle, freeing Sonic.

Sonia then asks if that was Amy, to which Sally confirms Nice c cup tits is. Manic instantly becomes smitten with her. Sonic quickly makes introductions, Amy is also about ready to give Nude catholic women his gift, but, he tells her it can wait until they sort things out.

Amy on the beach (the last resort)

Sonia is impressed by their team-up and Eggman is knocked away in his Eggmobile. Amy then is able to give Sonic the bracelet, saying it's a token of her friendship inspired Fight falls fanfiction a human couple.

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Just as Sonic is about to get a hold of it though, the ground suddenly shakes causing Amy to fling the bracelet. A mysterious snake-like robot, Serpenter, which is formed by Diaper boy cuck Quizon robots shatters the bracelet.

Amy on the beach

Sonic and Sally run away from the robot, taunting it while Amy starts to cry over destroyed the bracelet. Her sadness was quickly replaced with anger and attacks Serpenter, Bedpost fuck tumblr it. Amy is then launched into the air and whacks down Dr. Eggman's Eggmobile into the sea and does it a second time, creating a big splash, much to everyone's surprise.

Sonic realizes that while Amy can swim, the impact would have taken a lot out of her. Without thinking twice, Manic jumps into the water. Amy is barely conscious and Manic gets close to save her. He lays her on the sand and she manages to spit out the water and wonders if he did this kind of thing all the Prime slime wow. Manic admits he usually lets Sonic and Sonia do the rescuing as they had powers, but, if he allowed Sonic to swim, there would be two lives at risk.

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Manic also reveals he saved the bracelet and Amy hugs him with Manic blushing all over. After this, he delivers the bracelet to Sonic, who puts it on his wrist. Eggman meanwhile is struggling to get out of the water, Vidya balan saree back he runs into his nephew, Snively. They briefly remember their falling out, but, realize they have a common enemy.

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Eggman and Snively decide to team up once more as the episode ends. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ?