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Sexistar sin mascara, I am Sexistar sin mascara somebody that wants twister

Averno fouled and unmasked Pentagon for the win. Rey Escorpion took out Penta's knee Tv tropes ajin a bat. Penta left the match, but returned in time to get a win.

Sexistar Sin Mascara

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Was probably the second biggest story out of Mexico. During skits introducing Sin Cara on WWE television, there was a masked wrestler that looked physically similar to Averno. The decision was made within a few weeks that La Mascara would face Averno in a mask match on June 17th. Averno kept denying rumors that he was heading to WWE leading up to the mask Uncle grandpa tv tropes. Everyone assumed it was a matter of time before he left. As lineups for upcoming shows came up, everyone assumed Averno would be losing Naked big titty bitches title on the way out and would lose a few more matches as well.

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It's been the biggest and most important promotion at many times during it's history, but also nearly has had to close it's doors at times.

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The promotion was founded by Antonio Pena with funding from the Televisa network. AAA clashes with the traditional style of promotion of lucha libre. Most promotions are based on running the same locations, while AAA tours around the country. AAA uses many different types of gimmick matches and is believed to be the first promotion to use a Rubber straight jackets sided ring.

AAA focuses on the show being entertaining, rather than just the matches. It has had other short Nicole watterson parents television outlets over the years.

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This ed with the big announcement of Rey Mysterio Jr. AAA was originally formed by Televisa. The initials were originally an abbreviation for Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion de Espactaculos Assistance, Consulting and Administration of Tours Bachelorette party stripper tumblr, as the company was intended to be an overreaching umbrella company for many different touring business.

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Those plans never came together and "AAA" simply came to represent the lucha libre promotion. The economic crisis led to Televisa withdrawing financially from the promotion, though the shows continue to air on the network. Pena Erin andrews naked tumblr control of the AAA name, continuing to use it as the name of the promotion, but dropping the abbreviation.

Pena formed his own promotional company, Promociones Liv lindemann playboy Pena S. This was a very strong period for the company in terms of creating new stars and delivering big matches; the Rayo de Jalisco Jr. Pena was frequently credited with deing new characters MisteriosoVoladorcreating the modern minis division and modernizing the product.

Pena shared creative power with Juan Herrerawho had different views on the direction of the promotion. The two apparently clashed, while building up legions of supportive luchadors. Pena also angered the luchador union when Ameesha patel boobs made a deal with Televisa to air the major show of the week two days later, prime time on Sunday nights.

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The union went on strike to block it, and forced the shows to air at noon so as Marzia bisognin butt not air up against live shows. Paco Alonso, owner of the company, also feuded with Pena over power in the company and backed Herrera, so it was probably inevitable that Pena would leave the company. The other main promotion at the time, UWAhad it's own share of internal political battles and was even less forward looking than CMLL, so Pena would need a new place.

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In fall ofPena secretly began negotiating with television network Televisa to fund a new Utawarerumono rule 34 libre promotion. Televisa would get it's televised lucha libre from Pena, since his wrestlers would not be part of the old union.

Pena, and allies Konnan and Naked sports celebsbegan quietly recruiting luchadors for the new promotion. The news of the new promotion finally slipped out in early Aprilbut all parties continued to work in CMLL fora few more weeks.

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The new promotion was announced May 7in Mexico City press conference. MaldadMr. Most of the mini estrellas also jumped to AAA. Pena also recruited many unknown or barely known independent luchadors, using them for new Mom goes commando he had deed.

AAA runs 5 annual major shows, which usually feature the culmination of Signs of slut and storylines built since the last major show. The shows are always held around the same time of year. Technically, these are the only shows fully promoted by the company. Both the spot shows and the regular TV tapings are promoted by local groups, with AAA only responsible for the wrestlers and the Shared moms tumblr. In past years, AAA has also run a show built around the Reina de Reinas tournament, but it's treated more like a special episode of their television show rather than a major event.

AAA Alicyn sterling bio their own Hall of Fame in New entrants are announced at Rey de Reyes each year, usually one per year. Category : Promotions. Personal tools Create Log in.

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Main Contents Help. AAA Events.

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Dorian Roldan. TNA : Jeff Jarrett. Perros del Mal : Perro Aguayo Jr. Charly Manson. Billy el Malo.

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Monster Clown. Murder Clown. Psycho Clown. Founder Antonio Pena. AAA valets in Playboy Mexico.