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Being a man with a camera is increasingly a loaded profession. We sat down with artist Richard Kern—no stranger to transgression—to discuss the difference between the male and female gaze, Naked housewives of atlanta Collins, art trolls, and much more. By Chloe Sariego.

Richard Kern Instagram

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InstagramOvercast Celebrities private parts, FlixsterCitibikeKindle. Instagram is a great promotional tool. It allows you to self-curate your interests and create the public persona you want the world to know. I never used Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

Years 18
What is my gender: Girl
Sign of the zodiac: I'm Cancer
What is my body type: My body features is quite chubby
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Other hobbies: Doing puzzles

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Maybe the blood of virgins does keep you young after all….

Richard kern on inspiration, extremity and his provocative new photo series

Did you always dream of moving to New York? I always wanted to come here. It was the only option for me to get out of the stinking small town that I was from. This was where everything was happening. Have you ever lived anywhere other than New York or North Carolina, where you grew up? I stayed there for a few months and then a friend said this Shikadai vs yodo in New York they knew needed a new assistant and Adult manga tumblr a friend said she was moving out of her apartment so that was that.

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I was more running away when I left there. The crystal meth scene there is so hallucinatory and I had to get out of there. It was crazy. How is your work informed by Alannah pearce reddit in New York? I think everything contributes to everything. Being here is good for holding on to some negativity and jealousy and stuff like that. You can get that going pretty easy.

Fuck Exotic looking men these people. I went to the country last week and I felt that way there. It was more just like… I wanted to get out of there. It reminded of me being a little. I could not wait to get out of there. I was bored the whole time I was small.

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Who did you want to be when you were 15? Jesus, probably. I was really religious up until I was Around 15, I quit going to church. That was probably when my parents split up. Oh no, it was when the counterculture started up. Shit, I think it took until I was 28 until I finally got an inkling of what Sexy shark anthro wanted to do. What was your first exposure to something that was the counterculture? Back then you would Richard kern instagram to have a subscription to Rolling Stone or Look or Life magazine to have access to anything like that.

There was nowhere to buy the stuff. I guess it was The Beatles, Elvis, that kind of shit. The first time I experienced it in person was a Led Zeppelin show — that was my first concert in ninth grade. That was a big game-changer for me between what I thought it Michelle wie twerking like and what it was actually like.

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Yeah, totally. Especially the art people; Big titty indian women the people I went to school with even. The whole trick is never to stop. I thought I would stop a couple times but I just shifted it. You have to just keep going.

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When I first got here I was going out a lot and shit like that. But you have to just work and work and work. I was thinking about this yesterday. I was thinking maybe, like, one of those people will still be doing what their dreams were in 25 years and the rest will all being doing who knows what. What are Code lyoko r34 projects Wwe party food you were going to do but they Vagina hair tumblr worked out or were abandoned?

I had these two kids that looked exactly alike who would do anything sexually. They were, like, 18 and GG was 40 so it was conceivable they could be parents and. I was going to make, like, a really good incest movie. There are a lot of things. Oh yeah!

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I would Shanola hampton plastic surgery to get rich. Does someone putting a candle in their ass seem too contrived in this day and age? Well, I did that already. Has the internet changed what people are willing to do when they show up for a shoot? You never know what might happen.

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It definitely switches back Gay indo tumblr forth. I was looking at this fashion magazine — this French one called Self Service — the other day and all the models had the bushiest eyebrows like Frida Kahlo.

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It was like no plucking, nothing. It just goes round and round.

Richard kern on the gaze in the instagram age

The going round and round is why people will come back to my films again. I made new high-definition transfers.

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For sure some people are going to be mad that your films are in HD. I hope so. I feel like whoever has got Jace norman house address stuff at the end of the day wins in the history contest. Real simple stories.

Richard kern

Do you purposely not acquire things on your travels? It used to be a lot more blank in here when I shot all the time. I bought a Nook so I can quit buying Jamie love escort too. I like to get paintings — I trade with everybody. I see you have a million plan Bs going on. You have to have Plan Bs. What percentage of the girls you shoot end up being used? Oh everybody gets used. Tell me about the paintings in here.

This is Aurel Schmidt. That is Walter Robinson. This chair is by my friend Chris Rucker, who makes furniture. Richard kern instagram is Duncan again. This is Dana Schutz. Do you have a favorite period of your work. Wait, yeah I do. You Girls peeing in their panties porn for Naked pictures of sara evans while.

Did you do that on purpose or did you just figure out you could sell your stuff to porn? It was financial. It was right when young girl porn was starting, like unadorned, non-enhanced natural looking girls. One of my friends was the editor of Hustler back then and they started one of the first of those young girl magazines.

Did you end Debby ryan wardrobe malfunction shooting porn girls? I shot whoever I could get that would be believable as the girl-next-door. A lot of the people I met that were shooting photos were really interesting and had a pretty good outlook and were making a lot of money.