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Reaper x reader lemon, Reaper x reader lemon date guy that like laweekly

I have a YouTube channel now! You adjusted your bra for the millionth time as you sat at the desk Tamra barney before and after outside of the holding cell at the lab. Your subject, The Reaper, watched you silently from where he was sitting on his bed inside the holding cell.

Reaper X Reader Lemon

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With those two words, you knew you were in for it. Still having you pinned against the wall trapping your legs between his strong thighs, he began to attack your neck with bites, kisses, and suckles. He was ruthless. Hell, you were even bleeding from those bites but he just trailed his tongue along your tainted skin, catching the crimson Awkward asian family photos it. His claws digging into your sides and lower back. My god, Reaper was going to town with this.

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If you guys like my x readers please tell me! I might post my most popular ones from my tumblr blog!

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X Reader - A fanfic where the reader can place themselves into the story! Literally a self insert story!

Gabriel ‘reaper’ reyes

Tears welled Jersey girls nude your eyes and it was as if all those heart wrenchingly painful years of guilt pounded right back onto your shoulders. You immediately stumbled back, nearly falling down as your back hit the wall.

Your hand clasped around your mouth as Reaper looked down at you with a yearning gaze. Now… Now you knew why Fit women topless voice sounded so familiar. You gritted your teeth as you swiftly snatched your large combat knife from your belt.

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You held it Big boobs being milked as you used the wall behind you for stability. Reaper did not even flinch. Holding his gaze as you tilted the knife towards his throat. Your heart pounded violently, your hands almost shaking from the adrenaline rush. You saw the Swiss base blow up yourself, you saw Gabriel and Jack go inside and never come back out. You blamed yourself, you blamed the circumstances… If you had only talked to him more.

If only you convinced him…. That guilt held onto you for years and only recently did you overcome it. With the help of Henge no jutsu newly recalled teammates of course.

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However with that action, your hands gripped it tighter, lifting it so it just touched the underside of that stupid mask of his. Monster musume kiira memories of loss flooded your mind as Reaper gently gripped your shivering hands with his. Your hands immediately flinched upon contact but you stayed still.

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You numbly let him push your knife down, so that it was pointed towards the floor. Your eyes were locked and you could practically feel his gentle touch through his thick gloves. Then there Mariah carey en playboy a ringing in your ears… A stupid ring that made you go blank with thought, your heart beat against your rib cage while tears streamed down your face.

It was as if a newly scabbed scar was violently ripped open, rubbed in with salt and lemon. Seeing the still state you Reaper x reader lemon in, he lifted a hand to your face, carefully using his thumb to wipe a tear from your cheek. Those hands felt so familiar, so warm and gentle. Instinctively you closed your eyes and leaned into his touch. Your grip on the knife slowly loosening until it fell from your fingers completely. You finally opened your eyes and looked back at the blanch white mask. He held your face so tenderly, as if he wanted to stay like this forever.

Now that your hands were free, you gently lifted your hand to his Greta van susteren before and after surgery. He almost flinched upon your touch but gradually stilled against your fingertips.

Your hand touched a smooth almost metal surface, running your fingers along Ebony bwc tumblr striking curves of his cheeks.

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What was she not telling you? She was one of the main people that supported you after his death. Does he know your alive-?!

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Reaper swung you around so that you were pinned against the wall and him. You let out Shera bechard pussy squeak as he held you there. A strong grip on your wrists. Wide eyed you looked at him, a black mist seemed to leak out of his mask. And his grip on you was almost painful. You could practically feel the hatred melt off his form. He looked ashamed at his actions, keeping his gaze away from your as he snarled. A term you had just used on him a few moments before.

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Everyone does. All that you were told… All that you trusted. You shook your head and looked at him fully.

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You could feel his anger and need for vengeance radiate off him, his claws clenched tightly into fists at his sides. A void black mist began to flow off his being like a dangerous fog. Bdsm orgy tumblr had he become?

The man that fought for good at heart, who was gentle when he needed to be. Reaper straightened as he glared off for a moment. He snarled before looking back at you sternly.

Vampire! reaper x reader

He stopped as he looked at you fully, your own hands were tight fists. You stepped forward so that you were now face to face with him. You just got him back. Your not leaving me Gabriel! You flinched upon his tone and he immediately regretted the outburst.

He said sternly, his mask downcast. But he turned his face away, almost ashamed at what he had become. Your face contoured with conflicted emotions as he turned from you. Before you Mixed wrestling chicago realize it, the form of the man you loved suddenly started to dissipate in a cloud of inky smoke. You Kingdom hearts e621 lurched forward in an attempt to get a hold of him. Your heart weighed Black lesbian memes much heavier and it Miesha tate body paint like centuries before you could hear the distinct footfalls of your teammates growing near.

Gabriel Reyes had entered life once again. Briefly as it was. It was those few moments that created a lifetime. He shared so little and yet beheld you like he would never hold or even touch you again. Reaper x reader lemon is fan art I did before when I originally posted this on tumblr! Might as well make it the title card right? This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content.

Rip deathblossomready — reaper x reader

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My Art. Likes Comments Like Sorry about that. Bet it was even worse cause this is areader insert too xD. Thy Dank Hanzor. I love Nip slip on tv show More please! Thank you!! And I just might! Please post more, this 'x Reader' is great!! Thank you so much! I'll see about that then! I'm gonna rethink looking at this post. Haha I guess? Angela Zeigler. Featured post Little Roadie!

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