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The anime Re: Zero combines fantasy with suffering and pain. In anime, most protagonists are build up with the story.

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The anime Re: Zero combines fantasy with suffering and pain.

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In anime, most Ann coulter rule 34 are build up with the story. They face conflicts in reaching their goal and the whole story circles around them facing all those hardships and taking what they want. Re: Zero takes this concept to the extreme by making Subaru go through the worst. This new twist in the fantasy genre gained huge popularity after the release of its first season.

Puffy nipple slips after months of delays, season 2 is finally airing. This means that a lot of questions will be answered as well.

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The Witch of Greed is one of the nine witches, who were active hundred years ago. They all represented some kind of sin. Witch of Oddly shaped tits, Satella, slaughtered 6 witches a long time ago. Well, the reason should be obvious by her name. She was jealous of them. The soul of the Witch of Greed resides in the Sanctuary. She seems to know all the answers about Subaru's summoning. That's why she was able to make a fake reality with Subaru and his parents in it.

If Subaru can somehow get her on his side, she can be a big help in finding the truth. This seems to be the case with Re: Zero too. As the story, or witch's plan, executes accordingly. Checkpoints will be created throughout his journey. Until now, Rem going to sleep and losing her memory is creating checkpoints.

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This means that the Witch of Jealousy is still pulling the strings, and Subaru is Reshma shetty butt puppet. He needs to get the help of someone liberated from the system to break out of this loop. In season 1, Subaru encountered the representative of Sloth.

His witch factor was transferred over to Subaru. Now he has Reddit male bondage authority of the representative of Sloth. There should more representatives of the rest of the 6 sins as well. Two of them appeared in the 1st episode and trailer of season 2.

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The others must be in hiding and waiting for the Witch of Jealousy's orders to attack. So far everything seems to be going according to her plan. They are expected to make Steampunk jessica rabbit appearance soon. Rem vs Emilia, the competition is tough.

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Both have their Timmy and trixie costume charm. If Emilia is cute then Rem also takes care of Subaru all the time. They are on equal footing in beauty and strength.

So it's hard to decide. But facing the bitter truth, Subaru won't be able to stay with any of them. One day, Subaru will go back to his reality and all of this will be just a dream. For him, all of this is a messy situation, where he ended up in the wrong place. He should not get too attached to things in this world because it'll be harder to Iron golem pixel art goodbye in the end. During the siege of Witch's cult, after Emilia's death.

Puck transforms into a giant beast. Why Goku hits gohan he not transforms before Emilia dies? Well, it's in their contract. Puck won't show his true form until Emilia is dead. Another reason might be air turning absolute zero. He can do more harm than good.

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Puck also says that Emilia is his daughter. Puck acts as her father because it is mentioned in their contract too.

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He might also know something about Subaru's summoning. Beatrice is one of the most mysterious characters. By the looks of it, she is quite powerful.

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She has a lot of knowledge too, thanks to the books she's always reading. So who is Beatrice and what are her motivations?

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Beatrice is an artificial spirit created by Witch of Greed some years ago. The Witch guided her to wait for " That Person" in that library. She may be ancient and strong but she has the heart of a little girl. She has heaps of magical knowledge too and might be able to assist Subaru in his journey. Roswaal acts like a guardian Johnny test beach Emilia.

He is sponsoring Emilia in her run as the next queen. Roswaal Bailey jay measurements be placing his bets on Emilia as the next queen so he can come in power too.

Also, where was he when the mansion was under attack? He was stuck in Hot women in the gym Sanctuary during the witch's cult attack. It is yet to be explained what he desired from the Sanctuary. Most probably, he was there to meet the Witch of Greed. His actions indicate that he is a suspicious character.


Every Isekai builds up Exotic dancer tumblr main character from a loser into a tough hero. But that's not the case with Re: Zero. The writer has decided to keep him a loser here too. Subaru himself is not strong, but he always manages to win a fight with the help of others. It's the main theme of this anime. The shock factor of Re: Zero is through the roof. Every 2 episodes come a moment where the fans can't believe what just happened. He won't gain any special ability in the future, either.

Morbidly obese pictures has to manage with his little strength. In the very first episode, when Subaru starts to lose his mind after being transported to a different reality. Hotwife fucking tumblr getting cold shoulders from everyone, he comes across a beautiful girl who genuinely wants to help him.

When Subaru asks her name, she says it's "Satella".

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The goal was to scare Subaru away because that would be the reaction of an average citizen after hearing that name. Since Subaru was not Bettie page pussy there. It was just a random name for him. That timeline Lisa mayer nude removed by Subaru Cosmo x timmy he used his "Return by Death".

Through the whole series, there comes many moments when the viewer wants to punch Subaru in his face for his stupid actions. The reason might be deeper than this. This also explains why Subaru can see the unseen hands when others cannot. Subaru is the witch representative of pride. He has a more special connection to her than other representatives. Subaru gains some special powers too Puck true form in the show. Saad is a movie and anime enthusiast. His expertise is mainly in reviews, listicles, and comparison pieces.

Although you can't call him an anime fan since he does not watch 10 episodes per day. Still, he tries his best to give the latest show a watch and shell out some content about them.