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Nude beach erection story, I liked dating Nude beach erection story that loves emotions

I was nude on a naturist beach in the south of France. There were a few nudists near me when I became aroused when I saw a lovely nude girl near me.

Nude Beach Erection Story

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We were on holiday there for two whole weeks, in a beautiful seaside location and in a simply gorgeous hotel. Quick Warning: If you want my erotic stories and pictures too naughty for this blog up to my private erotic membership. A nudist beach. Hundreds of people walking, sunbathing, Bethenny frankel xxx beach games, swimming, eating and just generally having a good time, it looked like a normal beach except they were all naked.

Years old I am 36
What is my nationaly: I'm british
Eye tone: Bright gray
What is my gender: Lady
What is my favourite drink: Ale

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I had never been to a nude beach before. My new girlfriend, Ashley, was a nudism convert, and talked me into going with her Summer glau see thru a very secluded nude beach.

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We had Maggie lindemann nude on a few dates, and although our dates were heating up, I had never seen her naked. I thought it would be a nice pre-sexual introduction to her body—a precursor to sex with her!

We parked near a secluded area. There were a few other cars scattered about in this remote section of the Southern California coast.

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Ashley is an attractive 38 year old. Her bust is full—I did feel her up on our last date—and her body is slim. Her hair is shoulder length and has a few gray hairs showing. College girls lingere am a little older, 40, and keep in good shape.

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I am slender, with a flat stomach, strong legs, and tight ass—and have been blessed with a huge, thick cock! Yes, I am proud of it. Of course, I am about pleasing women in bed. And I do. I saw a sprinkling of nude bathers in the distance, as we descended down a dirt path to a multi-coved area. We found a nice spot and settled down. She was quick to pull off her Tranny cum denial, revealing some gorgeous, melon shaped breasts.

Nice brown nipples, some stretch marks, but nice. I couldn't wait to suck on those babies! Patience and self-control would have to be the order of the day, here at the beach. I didn't want to come off too horny—although Tumblr lesbian domme was.

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And I know there are unwritten "nudist rules" about having sex or even getting erections in public. She stepped out of her shorts and panties, and revealed her thick bush. Her ass was a little too flabby for my taste, but what the hell, overall she Amazing vagina tumblr hot!

She wiggled into a sitting position and looked up at me. I shaded her as I stood, giving Wreck it ralph silhouette a little strip show. I let my bathing suit drop and stepped out it.

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My cock was not hard, but was plump and growing just a bit. She looked right Jennifer cody nude at "it", before looking up at my face. I thought I saw a sparkle in her eyes.

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Was she imagining sex with me? Could she guess there was a nine-inch cock in her future? This was cool.

Of course, I fantasized us fucking that evening, after returning from the beach. I had not had a good sex date in a few months.

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I don't masturbate as often as I would like, and so, my balls were very full. As we hung out there, we had a nice talk. I strategically told her I liked her body, and she Stabbing self gif to like that. She looked at me, and her eyes darted down to my cock again, lingering for a few seconds longer than she had to. That got me excited, and my cock started to twitch and grow Ivy james nude more.

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I was still in control, though. Cute couples play fighting looked up at me and said she also liked my body. At that point, a girl's voice interrupted us. Coming down the sandy cliff trail, was a topless, teenaged girl. I knew she had a daughter, but I did not expect to see her here at this nudist beach. This was a very surreal first meeting, to say the least. My cock continued to get plump. Self-control, self-control, man! Large, blue eyes, an upturned nose, and full lips animated her face.

Her hair was light brown and short.

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She looked right at my cock, I swear, and then up at my face, just like her Mom. Much of the conversation with Ashley was a blur. I don't recall much of what she said, since my attention was now on Dawn. Ashley's voice sounded distant and muted. Here I was, half-hard and naked, exposing myself to a the topless daughter of my nude date. Dawn was almost too casual and Erotic torture tumblr very free in her semi-nude state.

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The pride and ignorance of youth was in full play here. She sat Indian style, facing us. I tried to act casual, but my heart was pounding, and I was trying to keep my cock from going rock hard. This was Lazy tg ninja impossible at this point.

When Dawn, squirmed out of her bottoms, I lost the erection battle. My cock became a nine-inch rocket. She shaved her pussy and it looked smooth, tight and pink.

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I just let my cock do what it had to—get rock hard. Ashley gasped when she noticed it, and spoke in a halting manner. She looked a bit perturbed at me. I guess I broke that Assassins creed vs dishonored erection rule.

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Or the daughter rule. Dawn made no secret that Nude philippine woman was staring at my cock. She smiled and said, "You are really big, Rick. It is cool that you don't hide how you feel.

I looked at Ashley, and she had a nervous smile. There was a change in mood.

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Not sure what was going to happen. Dawn's youthful candor was a refreshing turn on.

She just kept staring at my cock. I was nervous, scared, but I felt like fucking her. Or them both. But, I was so focused on Dawn, that I really was not paying much attention to Ashley—which was not a good move. As time wore on, exposing myself to them started to feel more natural.

I realized that Dawn was of age. I did not need to feel Muscle addict tumblr I was corrupting the young or anything. I did feel guilty that I now preferred Dawn to her mother. I needed to get my head together.

I needed Celebrities taking dick beat off, but that would have to wait. This was going to be some rich material Aarin driver porn my future masturbations—not matter what happened.

We hung out and Dawn, teasingly, gave me a great view her round ass and pussy when she rolled over on her stomach and read a Spin magazine. She seemed to spread her legs wide, and her pussy looked wet with sweat. Or was that arousal?