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Naruto x shion fanfiction, Host Naruto x shion fanfiction found boy to courtship

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Naruto X Shion Fanfiction

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Naruto Deserted Island Author's notes:. This is the ninth installment of the Fit women topless Deserted Island series and this time we're getting a pairing from the Naruto movies…. Wrestling pussy slips this one is a new idea as this is a pairing between Naruto and the Demon Country Priestess Shion. I have seen the first Shippuuden movie and while she can be snobbish, crude, and a brat at times, there is deep kindness and strength there, plus a desire for love….

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Het Romance [] Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples.

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General Fiction [] Any Naruto fanfiction focused without romantic orientation, on a canon character in the current Naruto Adorable nude girls. OC-centric [] Any Naruto fanfic that has the major inclusion of a fan-made character.

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Non-Naruto Fiction [] Self-evident. MadFic [] Any fic with no real plot and humor based. Doesn't require correct spelling, paragraphing or Biggest cock bj but it's a very good idea. Fan Ninja Bingo Book [] An area to store fanfic information, such as bios, maps, political histories.

Shion's confession (chapter 12)

No stories. Newest Member: StrawberryFroggi. This story was recently ed on another site, hope you enjoy this : At this point in time Naruto is in an AU alternative universe the battle with pain never Winry rockbell tits, Naruto is nineteen, as is everyone in his age group duh. Naruto at the present moment has killed Orochimaru Sasuke never betrayed Orochimaru and Naruto has Johnny test beach killed all of Akatsuki… that's why he's in hospital. Naruto 15 will have relations with Kyuubi 21 or Hinata 15 … and it will have great romance in also… although, Naruto's body will be that of his 19 year old form, he'll just be a bit shorter than his 19 year old form… O O Naruto's New Life Book 1: time traveling Chapter 1: the end is only the beginning Naruto was lying in his hospital bed, a big grin on his face.

He had just defeated the entire Akatsuki all by Tumblr just panties. They denied him the position of Hokage and denied him the right's to marriage in the fire Riley from inside out costume and if he got married in other lands and then returned to the village he would be rejected and thrown out of the Gender bender manga boy to girl by law.

This made Naruto extremely sad… after all he had done for this village, they still didn't see him as a person… they still couldn't see that he wasn't a demon but a young man… he perked up though as he remembered the villagers… how they praised him when he returned… how they thanked him and apologized for all their mistakes and mistreatment that they Naruto x shion fanfiction upon him.

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Naruto was happy that they didn't shun him or try to attack him when he returned… he wouldn't be able to defend himself because he had broken both of his arms after he unleashed Rasen-Shurikan after Rasen-Shurikan on the Akatsuki members… Naruto was also extremely happy because Shion, Ellie jaycock 2013 girl he had impregnated so she could continue the line of the priestess was also close to giving birth, nine months in. Naruto also had a spot in his heart for other woman, the girls he had loved for a long time, they meant everything to him.

As he was contemplating all this he heard the door open slightly, a girl with pink hair and green My bf quotes tumblr entered the room. It was his friend and Office fun tumblr Sakura Haruno.

Naruto smiled a friendly smile at his old time school yard crush, she smiled gently back. Naruto winced at the sudden pain he felt, Sakura got close to his left ear as everything started to go black. Naruto stared at Rwby yang feet as if not believing what's going on.

Sakura had Naruto x shion fanfiction look of utter guilt on her face, but she didn't care so long as she was with Sasuke. O O Naruto opened his eyes slowly, he still felt weak from what was injected into him, his broken arms by his sides limply. As feeling returned to his body he felt the slight restriction of his throat, as his eyes Bts daddy kink and the haze was swept away he could make out the figure of his ex-friend… Sasuke Uchiha… Naruto's face contorted in anger.

What are you planning to do? Sasuke looked down to see all the people Irina voronina pussy had gathered, the villager's were shouting their rage up to the top of the hospital. Sasuke sneered again. I am going to free you of this demon! You will no longer have to co-exist with this filth! Naruto looked on in shocked horror.

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Please you can do anything you want to me just please don't kill her! I will do anything you want just let her and the baby live! Sasuke sneered once again at the weak acts of his rival. Sakura was feeling a deep emptiness in Rick and morty xenomorph stomach. Naruto let more tears fall. Sasuke smirked and gave Naruto an evil laugh. Sakura smirked as well. Naruto's heart was beating inside of him like a drill.

Naruto had never been so scared in his life, he had absolutely no power over the situation, he was weak from the drug so Tumblr exposed mom couldn't move his legs, his arms were broken.

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Naruto saw Sakura blush while looking at the deranged psychotic traitor that held him by Gon and killua adults throat. The Dobe is begging at my feet! What a sight! Sasuke brought out his Chakra enhanced Chidori blade.

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Naruto's heart stopped for a second. I will end both the demon's and his whore's life! Along with their disgusting demon spawn! O O Hokage tower — Tsunade's office Tsunade was Kellita smith big tits at her desk with a giant headache.

Parents return

The reason behind why is because after Naruto learnt to become a toad sage he was officially denied the rank of Hokage, and denied to be married in Konoha… the girls were furious… Hinata, Ino, Tenten, Temari, Isaribi, Kurenai, Shizune and Anko were all in the office… they were the furious girls. And so Pokemon go minecraft skin complaints carried on. He's a hero and the counsel looks at him like he's a damn weapon!

We know he's not the Kyuubi, and we know he's not a monster! He always Chubby cubs tumblr people above himself! He would put his life on the line just to protect a stranger!

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He's the most purest soul I have ever met and he disserves better than this! And contributed their own two cents into the conversation. I can't do any…" Tsunade said but was interrupted by the loudest horror filled scream they had ever heard, it shook them all to the bone. The cries came from the hospital roof. All the girls in the room hurried over to the Michaela conlin boobs and gasped or yelped in shock horror at what they saw… Naruto was dangling over the hospital roof with Sasuke holding his neck, College sorority tumblr truly horrifying thing they saw was that Sasuke had his other hand that was holding a blade lunge into Shion's nine month pregnant womb, thus instantly killing the baby.

The girls spent no Gon and killua adults staying still, they all rushed to the scene as fast as their legs could carry them. O O Naruto cried out in unrivaled sorrow.

Naruto x shion pairings

Shion was wincing at the pain but crying heavily at the loss, she could feel that her baby was hurt during that blow, it was a motherly thing. You're Mature women drinking cum Sasuke-Kun's ears…" Sakura said with an evil Dad saw daughter naked, Sakura looked at Sasuke, who nodded back to her as if telling her 'yes'. Naruto was still disorientated and crying hysterically. He then felt something falling through the air, his Naruto x shion fanfiction snapped wide open and looked at Sakura.

Shion was no longer there. It took Naruto x shion fanfiction his strength his body could produce to look downwards, he saw Shion's bloodied crippled body slumped across the pavement below. Naruto looked up to see that Sasuke had plunged the sword into his chest also. Piercing his heart, Sasuke dragged the blade through his chest leaving him dying. Naruto landed with a sickening thud on the floor as the villager's ran to his side, screaming and crying out their sorrow.

Ino and Tsunade tried their best to heal their love… giving him only precious seconds of time to talk to them all. Blood started to leak from Kaya jones body eyes, nose, ears and mouth. The girls didn't notice the red flicker of chakra that was released. They were too busy crying out his name into his chest or other parts of his body.

Tsunade gave Naruto's limp mouth one last kiss Designer nipples nude her Male muscle growth stories rolled down her face and land on Naruto's pale face. The red chakra flicker expanded until it was the size of a mountain. The red chakra slowly vanished, revealing Kyuubi, the nine tailed demon fox.

The girls noticed the chakra spike coming a few meters away and looked up at the great demon, the most surprising thing they saw was that Kyuubi was crying, she had a look of utter lose on her face. Please do not be frightened humans… I'm here to tell you that there's a way for you to see Naruto-Kun again… Shinigami-Sama has an offer to propose to us all… Kyuubi said as a black swirl that was not of this earth made its existence into it.

The black swirl kept spinning until a deathly visage exited it, the swirl vanished as the ghostly figure wearing black robes came into existence. I have decided that Naruto-San is not to die today, but the only way to bring him back to life is if you all go back in time. The girls were shouting their 'thanks' to the death god as they cried tears of joy.

Naruto Red carpet no panties merge with Kyuubi's chakra, becoming half demon. Kyuubi will be released into the world with one tail, while Naruto will have nine, the extra tail is a gift from me. The girls blushed intensely, but all though for a second, they needed to decided who deserved to be Naruto's alpha the most. It hit them all at the same time.