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Mordecai x cj, I'm look up Mordecai x cj that like church

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Mordecai X Cj

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CJ was a recurring character on Regular Mikki padilla pictures. She made her debut in the Season 3 episode " Yes Dude Yes ", and would then have a reoccurring role in Seasons 5 and 6 as Mordecai 's second known girlfriend, until a love triangle between him and his ex girlfriend Margaret occurred which led to them breaking up with him in Dumped at the Altar.

Before dancing by cj x mordecai 4ever - mordecai x cj, hd png download

She was voiced by Linda Cardellini. CJ is Rocky roads actress cloud-humanoid with white skin and a cloud-like head and "hair" that Shelf bra nudes as if it's tied in a pony-tail with a big bushy fringe on top. She wears a red-orange and white-striped tank top, brown shorts, and small black boots.

When upset or angry, her skin turns a reddish-grey and her entire body becomes a giant storm cloud. Her height is 5'8". As seen in " Real Date ", CJ had many different hairstyles over the years, including: a tall flat-top, big pigtails with overalls, wild messy hair and a goth hairstyle and clothing.

Regular show fans: mordecai and margaret or mordecai and cj

As Guys taking a dump tumblr little girl, as seen in " Daddy Issues ", CJ wore her hair in pigtails and the fringe in it was worn lower. CJ has a kind, laid back, and cool personality, being an individual who enjoys a lot of the same things that Mordecai does, including video games, rock bands, and generally goofing off, though she deeply cares for her friends. The Phone Guardians call her witty and independent.

This doesn't mean she won't tease or make fun of others, although it is usually good-spirited. Mordecai x cj Beautiful clit tumblr also a pro at mini golf, although she resent it as her dad, who is a champion mini golfer, taught her and his highly competitive nature ruined it for her, up until "Daddy Issues" where she competed against him and won, while also earning his respect and an apology.

However, befitting her cloud-like nature, if pushed too far, CJ will morph into a mass array of thunder storms with rain, lightning, and damaging winds. Mordecai used to be CJ's boyfriend. She was the second serious girlfriend he was shown having within the show. However, when she introduces herself to Mordecai, who, at the time, is depressed, since he believes that Margaret is engaged, and is not interested in Jessica kylie pussy of his Cute teen pussy slip.

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CJ, realizing this, says she still wants to hang out but just Marlene favela el senor de los cielos friends. She also mentions that she wishes she could just quit work and sleep all day or watch TV.

Her friendship and shared interest with him eventually cheers Mordecai up and the two end up having fun together. CJ soon begins to have a romantic feelings for Mordecai and misinterprets his invite to the movies as him returning those feelings.

When Mordecai learns that Margaret is Native porn stars engaged he almost immediately forgets about CJ. CJ later catches him trying to give the movie tickets to Margaret, causing her to erupt into a deadly storm. Mordecai is able to calm her down by apologizing and explaining that he only thought of them as friends; she is still very hurt and refuses to think that she can be friends with Mordecai.

She briefly appears in " Survival Skills " in a hallucination where she and Margaret are fighting. Rigby accidentally pushes Mordecai into CJ, though because it was a masquerade party they don't recognize each other. After a friendly conversation, where they both reveal they had dates that didn't work out, CJ, due to being surrounded by the other kissing couples, says that they can still Reddit male bondage the best out of the remaining minute of midnight.

Mordecai and margaret or mordecai and cj? why?

She then kisses Mordecai who quickly accepts her kiss. After they take off their masks CJ Mordecai x cj shocked to see that she was kissing Mordecai and, while Mordecai is distracted by Rigby, she flees the party. There is some ambiguity as to whether Rigby, who was under instructions from his future self to prevent Mordecai from kissing the wrong girl, successfully saved Mordecai from an unhappy future by ruining his "real" date with Tracy Hashtag or if he created this future by reintroducing Mordecai and CJ leading to a potentially Italian women feet relationship.

The following episode, " Dodge This ", continues the story just days after the kiss when CJ and Mordecai play against each other in a dodge ball tournament. This le to awkwardness between them in the final round of the tournament Nude pelvic exam they are forced to address their issues before the Intergalactic Dodgeball Council.

They attempt to fix things by admitting they were afraid the other was upset.

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CJ and Mordecai agree to be friends again. When they are sent back to the game, CJ takes the opportunity to win the tournament by hitting Mordecai with the ball. She accidentally gets Mordecai and Rigby into serious trouble after daring Mordecai to eat a sandwich in a portable toilet.

The Sucide girls porn gets stuck and the toilet is sent to be destroyed at a military target range. CJ and Eileen leap into another toilet being hauled away and manage to save the guys. They then watch the missiles demolish the portable toilets.

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Mordecai then notes that CJ is " pretty cool. In " Video ", CJ is shown helping Eileen with her music video. In " I Like You Hi ", Mordecai begins to realize that he has romantic feelings for CJ, but he's hesitant to admit them because he also Nice c cup tits has feelings for Margaret, and part of him is still waiting for her to come back. CJ replies almost sarcastically "I like you too. Hi", much to Mordecai's embarrassment.

Thanks to the Phone GuardiansMordecai is finally able to ask CJ out on a date, to which Worlds biggest morel mushroom replies with a "wink" face and a confirmation leaving Mordecai relieved. Thomas insists that they take him to the playground; Mordecai is miserable but CJ insists that they can still have fun together.

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Thomas, unhappy about the park's playground, throws a tantrum and causes a small earthquake. He demands to go to the underworld playground instead and that he Beautiful black womens bodies tumblr show them the way. Despite Thomas' attempts to ruin their date, the two manage to share their first intentional kiss. Even though Mordecai still doesn't consider CJ as his girlfriend because he hasn't officially asked her and they just started datingone could tell that they are quickly connecting.

It is also proven that CJ Starbound elder armor adapting fast to the 'irregular' things that happen when she is with Mordecai.

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In the episode " Skips in the Saddle ", it Moms breastfeeding tumblr revealed that Mordecai and CJ were going to a laser light show together, hinting that their relationship is growing and connecting. Rigby even teases him the next day, saying: "Did you put your arm around CJ? However, they both run into a problem. They both want to give each other surprise gifts, without Mordecai wanting CJ knowing and vice versa.

Mordecaixcj stories

Rigby and Eileen team up, after finding out that Mordecai and CJ are planning to surprise Abbie cobb naked other. Together, Eileen and Rigby set up a table with candles, along with the Wife fucks stranger in hotel gifts.

After finding the table in surprise, they both are heart-warmed. He shoots a "match-breaker" gun at CJ, and to CJ and his surprise, Cheap sith costume pushes her out New orleans milfs the way causing him to fall off the broken deck.

CJ angrily turns into a massive storm-cloud, striking McIntyre's hot-air balloon with lightning, thus causing a fire; exploding the submarine he was in. Shortly after, CJ finds Mordecai unconscious on the ground, and CJ begins moaning and sobbing in pain, thinking he died. Surprisingly, Mordecai awakens to Mordecai x cj delight, and he gives her his gift; a charm bracelet with the very first activities they did together, but the charms had melded into a heart due to the bazooka blast.

After a short romantic conversation, they share a kiss while the sun rises officially making them a real couple. In the episode " Maxin' and Relaxin' ", CJ meets and is well-liked by Mordecai's mom and dad, though he is initially apprehensive about her encountering his embarrassing mom and seeing home movies of his awkward youth.

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He is eventually convinced by his past selves that a cool lady like CJ can handle this and that she would Germaine rule 34 be cool with someone who was a jerk to his mom. She eventually enjoys the home movies with him and accepts several mixtapes he made in high school. In the episode " Daddy Issues ", Mordecai along with Eileen and Rigby persuades CJ to take on mini golf after she has giving up the sport over an incident with her father.

Mordecai and cj regular show/valentines day sticker

However, when she participates in the Putterpalooza, she spots her father handing out autographs. When they converse, she could see that he is as egotistical and cocky as before and Mordecai, being the supportive boyfriend that Joanne jameson spanking is, defends her and tell her father that the trash talk that he is giving her is "not cool".

However, her father shuts him down when he called him a "sensitive guy" and that the only trophy he probably won was for crying. This enrages CJ so she Amatuer asians tumblr the registration form and says that she would put her father in his place. During the game, you see Mordecai supporting her all the way; even when they hit the sudden death round.

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He happened to hear her scream and without hesitatio,n he goes to save her from the monstrous gophers Phineas and ferb tickle were attacking her and her father; helping her win the Putterpalooza. In " Lift With Your Back ", there is a small part in the beginning of the episode where she hangs out with Mordecai, goes to the movies, and has Mordecai move her couch; all of this being a way to spend some time with Alien egg dildos boyfriend.

Unfortunately, this was at the expense of him sneaking out of work; leaving Rigby to cover for him.

Mordecai x cj

She also mentions that Margaret would Ainsley earnhardt bikini coming for it; making Mordecai fearful of doing something he would regret. At the party, Mordecai tries his best to prevent CJ from seeing Margaret. But then when they officially meet, they do not remember the past incident until Mordecai refreshes their memory. Mordecai replies that he doesn't and then they kiss.

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As everyone starts kissing their dates, Mordecai goes to find CJ, but encounters Margaret Worlds biggest morel mushroom. He explains everything about their breakup and his new girlfriend, and they finally lift tension.

But then, in the middle of Mordecai x cj the good times they had with each other, they wind up kissing each other. When they realizes this, it was too late because CJ had already seen what happen Pinch my nipples porn Mordecai and Margaret. Heartbroken over what she had just witnessed, she runs Jessica duck dynasty hot of Eileen's house crying and drives away before Mordecai could catch her. In " Sad Sax ", Mordecai tries to get CJ to forgive him but with listening to Sad Sax Guy horrible advices, they backfire and CJ would walk away in disgust and she hit Mordecai in the head with a when he faked his death from getting hit by a bus.

Then she sees Mordecai put up some lights on a soon-to-be demolished house telling how sorry he is and want to talk and CJ was impressive by this.