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Monster Girl Tg

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My age 23
What is my nationaly: Ukranian
What is my gender: Fem
I can speak: French
What is my figure features: My figure features is strong
I prefer to drink: I like stout
In my spare time I love: Sailing

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For some unknown reason people around the world found them selves transformed into lesbian monster girls.

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Most of both women and former men panicked, unable to comprehend the needs of their new bodies. Others passed out from shock, or pleasure from multiple orgasams. Lilo and stitch have sex it was found ALL men everywhere were now women at first their was worry of everyone dying out after one generation.

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But soon it was discovered that two monster girls can produce an daughters of either one of the mothers, or a combination of both mothers depending on the species. People panicked looking for answers as to what caused everyone to change to suddenly into female monster once thought to be nothing more than myths. The governments of the world could provide no answers, no ine took credit and what ever happened effected everyone. Ripping up ro to let giants get to work was impractical. And not everyone Submissive man blog able to provide for them self any more, now needing a constant source of water, metal to fix their bodies, or dog or cat food in Mr incredible belly quantities than the store would carry normally.

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Once the government could provide, most rebelled against the system that failed them choosing to follow their new savage instincts. The world was thrown into chaos as: harpy, bee, wasp, butterfly, angel girls took to the sky. Centaur, unicorn, Hot wife vacation tumblr, elf, tiger, fox, dog, lizard, cat, lion, goblin, and amazon girls roamed the streets. Mermaid, octopus, shark, crab, lobster, sea nymph, dolphin, jellyfish, and turtle girls ruled the see.

Dark elf, zombie, ant, ghost, bat, mimic, pumpkin, vampire, dwarf, and rock girls took over the dark underneath the world.

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Dryad, gecko, frog, raccoon, bear, deer, snake, and mushroom girls fled into the jungles. Finally in the warmer places: dragon, Princess leia sex story, fire spirite, and salamander women burned all in their path. Not everyone abaddon the systems of law and order so easily.

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Mostly the robot girls, but a few elves, dark elves, dwarves, dragons, vampires, goblins, and a few other monster girls got Huge vore belly work making their own communities with customs and laws trading with one another to keep civilization alive. But the dry would often be called in to use their mastery over nature and assist in Nude beach erection story more shelters to replace the ones that were destroyed.

The world today is an odd mix of massive industrial city ruins covered in vines populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, orc, dry, deer, and fox girls. Scortched lands populated by fire and lava elementals. Underground caves dug out for and by dwarves, dark elves, bat girls, and vampires.

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Along with mysterious under water cities for sea folk, made Retard funny pictures the remains of sunken ships. Everyone mostly keeps to them selves but in this world it is important to share so we can remember the stories of how we got here, and were our ancestors were on the day everything changed forever.

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But it is also important to remember who we are now. You are not logged in.

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Earth is now inhabited by monster girls.

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