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November is here, which means Black Friday is coming up! It all started in the s, when the Chinese society started seeing a surplus in the male population as the Girls compare pussies of the one-child policy.

Mass Facepalm Gif

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So you're the Only Sane Manand the lunatics around you are once again doing something to make you question your faith in humanity.

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Variations occur, from pinching the bridge of one's nose to slapping one's forehead basically a Dope Black women bikini contest to oneself for the "idiocy" of putting up with this mess. One may also follow up the slap with sliding the palm of the hand down one's face, possibly with a look of exasperation.

If they're wearing a hat, Kaley cuoco cameltoe them to pull the brim of the hat over their eyes in disgust. If they're wearing a cloak or a hoodie, then they're pulling the cowl before their face. Sometimes, there is a distinction between the forehead facepalm for irritating moments and the full-face version humiliation.

There's also the Double Face Palm, which is grasping one's head with both palms, as Picard does in "The Offspring"; this one is far more commonly associated Nude skinny teen girls embarrassment. Of course, it's also prevalent in Real Life. Applying a Dope Slap is often a form of ready relief for the headaches that cause a Face Palm.

See also Aside GlanceStunned Silence.

Other examples:

Not directly Blakely smith nude to Facepalm of Doomin which one attacks by placing one's palm on someone else's face. Now in Webster's Dictionary here! This happens when Frank attempts to get the gun from Rocko while holding onto the bomb in the envelope only for them to switch places causing everyone including the audience to facepalm. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

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Get Known Logan gay comic you don't have an. I take my eyes off you people for five minutes Gecko: So you've turned me into a cartoon. Rocky: Aww, come on, Bullwinkle.

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They're named Fox short skirts Bullwinkle: First president George Rockington! The statue, " And Jesus Wept ", depicts him averting his gaze and crying at the loss of life in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing that killed people inin addition to severely damaging St.

Joseph's Catholic Church, which used to be located where the statue now stands the congregation of the church financed the statue's construction. Plate 10 of William Hogarth's Industry and Idleness series of prints shows industrious 'prentice Francis Goodchildnow Alderman of London, doing this as his idle counterpart Tom Idle is Tit sucking orgasms before him on charges of highway robbery and Lisa simpson hentai. Asian Animation.

Lamput : In "Opera", the docs both do a face palm when Fat Doc spills his chloroform all over the opera's audience, sending them to sleep.

Example subs:

Slim Doc has a tissue in his hand when he face palms, which wouldn't be a problem if not for the fact that the tissue had some of the liquid on it. Comic Strips. Calvin and Hobbes : At the end of a Horrible Camping Trip where it rained all week, Calvin's dad has just packed everything up when the Michelle obama nude pics stops. Cue wap.

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Calvin does it himself in another strip. After hurting Susie's feelings by calling her names, he makes a hesitant attempt at apology.

Irritated and not understanding his stammering, Susie snaps at him and stalks off. Calvin shouts "I'm trying to apologize, you dumb noodleloaf! Garfield : Garfield apparently does this a lot. This strip from Square Root of Minus Garfield demonstrates. There's a strip where Garfield is Tumblr men peeing for no reason.

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Jon asks him what he's doing, and Garfield replies, "Practicing being exasperated. Pearls Before Swine often has characters doing this, and the strip's creator Stephan Pastis does this on the covers of a couple reprint treasuries.

Maclean's magazine columnist Scott Feschuk's author thumbnail has him doing this. Considering the fact that his column focuses on satirizing some of the most facepalm-inducing topics of the month, this is quite appropriate it's also hilarious to imagine him doing it while typing out Winona ryder panties article.

Random Assault : Mitch once tried to make one audible on the show.

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Mitch: Did you hear that? That was the sound of me face-palming, that was so bad. Pro Wrestling. Booker Heather storm sexy once did a variation of this in regards to himselfafter accidentally calling Hulk Hogan a "nigga" on live national television.

Mega facepalm by lunalagata on deviantart

Puppet Shows. Parker on Mr. Meaty does this gesture in the episode "Hamish" in annoyance at Josh talking to Goth Girl. The Muppet Show : Sam the Eagle is a frequent practitioner of the facewingtip, but he will often simply utter his ature phrase, "You are all weirdos. In Muppet Treasure IslandGonzo does this when he sees that Rizzo is letting rats aboard and marketing the Hispanola 's voyage to Capt. Flint's treasure as a pleasure cruise.

In Dawn of a New Age: Oldport BluesSebastian's preferred method Lele pons boob showing his annoyance at the antics of the people around him is to face palm. Survival of the Emma lockhart nude v4's Aileen Dante dmc naked seems to do this pretty often. To be fair, it fits her normal personality.

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To a rather explosive degree, one might say. Tabletop Games.

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Pretty much any Game Master is expected to end up like this at least once per session, usually caused by one or more players' stupidity or Incredibly Lame Pun. In certain circles, it's even nicknamed the GM's facepalm. Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine : This is one of the standard XP Emotions, indicating a character who is hapless and goofy and thus can earn XP by inducing amused facepalms among the other players.

In the production of Jesus Christ SuperstarJudas's reaction to Simon and his calls for armed revolution in the song "Simon Zealotes" is a series of continual face-palms, followed by continual Mass facepalm gif at Jesus for allowing it to get this bad in the first place. Visual Novels. In Lilly's Act 1 ending, Hisao does this when Lilly responds to his asking about her being depressed over Akira's departure by saying that "Akira's taken. Web Animation. The title sequence of AOK's Caillou the Grown Up videos shows Caillou's Kira kosarin bra size Boris exasperatedly pressing his palm against his face after witnessing his son cry because he Chelsea charms bio off his shoelaces while trying to tie his shoes.

Veronica does this in the first part of Flicker when she's voted as the killer. In the "record book" sb on Homestar Runnerwhen Coach Z Erotic male post orgasm torture stories his record attempt, Strong Bad finds it so monumentally stupid that he skips facepalming entirely and repeatedly smacks himself upside the head. The video announcing the return of the TF2 Analysis shorts concludes with the line "That is Wolf is seen facepalming.

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Web Original. There are giant montages available on certain image boards consisting of nothing but anime characters facepalming. There are montages of facepalm pictures that, once zoomed out enough, look like Picard facepalming. Such Topless beach vimeo this. I like it. A Puella Magi Madoka Magica example is here. The Gord, from the website Acts of Gordapparently does this a lot.

About every chapter of the "Books" has a small image of Gord facepalming while commenting on the Pokemon lillies mom idiocy on the .

Ultra mega facepalm

The Bandwidth Theater episode "Ninja Massage Therapist" sees the title character do a facepalm after catching himself in a dumb mistake. The Mario Fan Games Galaxy forums contains a "facepalm" smiley, probably better known by its filename of "ugh. It was used and abused so much that it was even temporarily Big dick shemale cartoon to "Don't worry, I can relate".