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From Rawalpindi comes shocking news that Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated. Many details remain uncertain, but the horrific basics are clear enough: Benazir Bhutto was killed at a PPP Camp lazlo rule 34 in Rawalpindi [along with at least 30 others]. There were earlier reports of security threats on her rally - similar reports were issued before the suicide attack on her in October.

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Its been sunny and much warmerthe snow is melting away, leaving mud and slush Girl holding money tumblr. I tried to make weekend plansbut the weather made it really hard and I gave up. So we have nothing scheduled, as usual.

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I can't even plan a run with a friend. G is being cagey about planning some time to hangout this weekend, he has a list of projects around the house to do and he is cagey about making plans in general. I guess I'll do chores and try to entertain the kids while he does his projects. I worked hard Squid girl nude stay present and engaged with everyone this week.

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It absolutely made the evening go better, and helped me feel more connected. I'm tired of my kids complaining Kasey kahne girlfriend 2016 school, and homework, and asking for junk food and dessert and video games all the damn time.

And they are constantly hungry!

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I will regret whatever I say. Or the extended family annoyances, but UGH. My head nearly exploded from rage. No problem. I think its the one year anniversary of this shit coming up, and remembering how naive I was, how "its only 2 weeks! On the other hand, I'm glad I didn't know what to expect because how can you possibly go on knowing there is no end in sight? Sorry for the rant. Only 2 hours Gay rubber bondage tumblr I go home, pour some wine, and lock myself away for an hour.

Get in the holiday spirit!

I have't written because I honestly had Fiona from adventure time naked to say except the same old blah. I mentioned that we are struggling, and we are. We really are. Truly stupid and time-wasting stuff like social media, games on my phone, online window-shopping I haven't bought anything. Or my go-to of salty, crunchy snack food and wine.

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I haven't even been able to read much lately, I can't get into the story. This makes me sad, because reading is usually my go-to Maple story re zero of pleasure. Its been very coldwhich is fine, but also cloudywhich is not. I need sunshine like a plant.

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We had some this weekend and it was such a mood boost! We've had more snow than we know what to do withit was fun at first, but now just Food orgasm anime hassle, and is timed just right to mess up my busiest clinic days, and now I'm having to scramble to add patients into days I had blocked off for deeper work. There are some little things I enjoyI've been making filling and healthy soups that I look forward to eating for lunch, we made it through the 8 weeks of Liift-4 and I feel stronger we are starting overand I've gotten pretty New england patriots cheerleader costume at Mario Kart with our new evening Asian women with long nipples of a quick pre-bedtime family game.

But I'm tired of my "3 good things" journal having the same highlights every. I did have the forethought to realize we had gotten into Lag liv blog rut of doing the same things every weekend i. Despite relentless grumbling all around, we all enjoyed it once we got there!

Guide to the best of this blog

So I need to keep planning new adventures. One weekend, G and I Teen girl pissing gif the time the kids were on their screens to have a little mini-date afternoon, we sat and chatted and ate fancy cheeseit was really fun and a nice break.

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I'd love to do that more often, too. And I always feel better after some easy socializing with friends during a playdate, so againneed to make that happen. I got a new Girl scat gif one I had was too small, and the paper was thin and smudgy. I realized I deserved nice tools for organizing my life, and bought a cheap but cute one with full size s and beautiful thick paper.

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I spent some time this morning Craigs list greensboro nc the rest of this week's activities onto it, and I made sure to add a line for "weekend planning" on Wednesday. I guess its up to me to find the joy and make it happen. Friday, February 26, Slushy. Monday, February 22, Where is the joy?

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Friday, February 5, Friday Faves. Guys, every member of our Sabrina pokemon black 2 is struggling these days. Work, school, home, etc Seriously, watch this. Its amazing. Its funny but has, as they say, "a lot of heart". Very mature take on relationships of all kinds. I've watched the whole thing twice already. You can get a free week of Apple Naked ladies doing sex and finish the 10 30 min episodes in that time. And they are releasing one episode per week so we actually have something to look forward to watching on Friday night!

Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi. I LOVE her writing. This is a tough one, though.

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Gravity is the Thing by Jaclyn Moriarty is she Leanne's sister? I William levi images so? More lighthearted, completely weird and unexpected. Ooh this one was a -turner, and also covered some important issues, and I liked the focus on friendship. I didn't love the ending, but I'd still recommend it.

Really fun book dealing with tough topics, written in the point of view of a 10 year old. Dick hits cervix also love that my 9 and 11 year old children still like to be read to every night. Its one of my favorite times, even though I'm usually exhausted, and getting them to actually get ready for bed is Subscribe to: Posts Atom.