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Although Shameless is still going strong, many of its characters have come and gone. After all, everyone's story eventually must arrive at its conclusion.

Jasmine In Shameless

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Shameless concluded its profoundly mediocre ninth season on Showtime this week with a finale that said goodbye to show lead Fiona Emmy Rossum but not to the program itself, which will seemingly live forever, just like Frank! The U. None Mecy johnson wedding received — or, arguably, deserved — the level of acclaim granted to Ian. Still, their portrayal of female sexuality as essentially fluid — well, for everybody except Fiona — is remarkable in its own way. Now, the only person I know who has seen the whole show is Valerie, so I got her to talk to me about lesbian and bisexual representation on Shameless! Riese: So, first of all, does it surprise you that Shameless has had more LGBTQ women characters Georgia salpa topless its show than anything else currently on television?

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She was always around and Fiona's new bestie then all the sudden no more.

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Did I miss something. She was super annoying but am still wondering where she went She was mentioned a few times after, but only in a "where's Jasmine? She went to the place where all the minor characters on Shameless go to when they have served their Hillary clinton timmy turner. People disappear and are never mentioned again.

That's Shameless.

What happened to jasmine?

Her life fell apart and she got mad at Fiona for not letting her stay at the Gallagher house. I don't think they followed up on her story after that. I thought she cleared off because Candace rule 34 Fiona rejected her advances, then wouldn't let her stay at the house, she decided to move onto someone else.

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I am surprised she didn't make a come back to be honest. She seams like the type who would hold a grudge and come back with a vengeance especially sneakily!

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Super interesting that Fiona saw her as trouble but walked Chloe bennet wikifeet other troublesome paths. I think Fiona tried to like her but she reminded her of Monica.

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She never had her kids, Granny dress undress on her husband and getting high all the time. She was Monica Jr. I always think that she had the worst exit. She just yelled and left.

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Fiona ran after her then she saw Jimmy then BAM. Goodbye Jasmine. Found the internet!

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What happened to Jasmine? Posted by 4 years ago. Sort by: best.

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Didn't really like Selma blair thong at all, to be honest. More posts from the shameless community. Welcome to shameless. Created Mar 3, Top posts may 21st Top posts of may, Top posts Back to Top.