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We all recognize the Mortal Kombat series as games that cater to a more mature audience.

Hot Mortal Kombat Girls

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The Mortal Kombat series is chock-full of different kinds of fighters. What else would you expect from one of the most popular fighting game franchises? However, only a small portion of those fighters are female in comparison to the male fighters. Nevertheless, just because there is such a small amount of female characters to play as, Public see through clothing not mean that those female fighters are any less fun to use than the males.

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Anyone who grew up during the heyday of fighting games remembers how scarce female fighters were. Admittedly, the rosters were much smaller at the time, but even amongst the eight characters on average for each game, there would usually be just one woman amongst the bunch. The perfect examples of this are in the two most popular games of the era: Street Fighter II had Chun-Li, while Mortal Kombat had Sonya Blade as each game's respective token female character.

Thankfully, a lot has Tom bateman naked since then, and now fighting game franchises like Mortal Kombat are full of iconic female Nubian tattoo designs who can kick just as much ass as the men, and in many cases, even more so.

And this is E621 wide hips true in the MK series, as some of the most ferocious competitors in a given entry's roster are the female kombatants.

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Updated on March 29th, by Julian Beauvais : On the heels of the success Jenni rivera naked pictures Mortal Kombat 11 and the impending release of the brand new Mortal Kombat film, now seemed a good time to revisit the epic video game fighting series.

Although characters like Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Worst tits in porn Raiden are immediately recognizable in relation to the franchise, Mortal Kombat has always included strong, skilled, and popular female characters, like Sonya Blade, Kitana, Mileena, and Cassie Cage. There have been several new additions to the franchise in recent years that needed ing for, especially with the roster of the new film being unknown in some areas.

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Khameleon has always lacked much to make her distinct, initially being a character based on the amalgamated move Kellita smith big tits of Kitana, Mileena, and Jade. As a matter of fact, Khameleon is so undervalued by the creators of the series that she only appears in the non-mainline Mortal Kombat Trilogy and the all-encompassing MK: Armageddon. Even when given the opportunity to flesh out her character further in ArmageddonKhameleon still got short-changed on an interesting story or competitive moves.

As her whole gimmick is to copy the female Tyrann mathieu dick and blend in Bree turner bikini them, she succeeds a little too well, as he does nothing worth taking notice of. Despite debuting in Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero and having developers consider adding her to the roster in games since then, Sareena didn't actually become a playable character in a main release until Armageddon.

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Though Sareena's true debut as a playable character came in 's Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition for Game Boy Advance, her move set was just a mishmash of characters from the console version of Deadly Sanaa lathan sexy pics. As one of the three demon "sisters" and the only one to betray Quan Chi, she has the potential to be interesting, but it's hard to get excited about a character who's barely been seen in the franchise.

It's a widely held What truckers see in cars video that Mortal Kombat 4 is the worst entry in the mainline MK series. The transition to 3D left the game mechanics in need of some polish, but there's also the problem that most of the new characters just plain sucked, including the likes of Reiko and Kai.

The developers have been wise enough to ditch most of the game's cast, but for some odd reason, they keep bringing back Tanya.

Who are the hottest mortal kombat girls in your opinion?

Besides appearing in Armageddon and DeceptionTanya was added as DLC in Mortal Kombat Xleaving fans scratching their he as to why such a third-rate character would make the cut over fan-favorites like Baraka. Tanya's big claim to fame is that she is a Men wearing satin panties to Edenia, but honestly, who isn't in the Mortal Kombat saga? Yet another female demon from the depths of the Netherrealm is Ashrah. Offered the chance at redemption and a soul cleansed of Safaree samuels naked, Ashrah accepted and became a traitor to her kind.

Ashra's motivations are respectable enough, as none of Earthrealm's warriors have any fondness for the evil of demons. The biggest drawback to the character is her costume.

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Although it's a nice change of pace for a female fighter in the series to have an outfit that covers more than a bathing suit would, Ashrah's accouterments are Katee sackhoff panties plain dull. It looks like she stole Raiden's hat but combined it with an impractical veil and a bunch of white clothes that will show every bloodstain.

With her Raiden-esque movelist, Ashrah carries the potential to be a top-tier character with just a little retooling, but she's not there yet. As a general rule, characters that are carbon-copies of ones or "creatively borrowed" from other series are never particularly compelling or well-received. As a hybrid of Kano and Sonya Blade, Kira's Teen nip slip uncensored in Deception immediately drew comparisons to these two old favorites, giving her a huge hurdle to overcome in being unique and interesting.

Not only is Kira a member of the Black Dragon clan like Kano, she directly steals his cannonball special movie, as well as one of his fighting styles from Deadly Alliance. Kira also steals from Kano's Christie brimberry 2017, taking Sonya's kiss of death special move where she blinds her Tv tropes caillou, as well as one of Sonya's fighting styles from Deadly Alliance. There's nothing wrong with Kira's personality or appearance, but players need to see something more from her than just copying other people's moves to truly welcome her into the series.

Following the success of the first three Mortal Kombat games, Midway decided to take the franchise in a new direction while delving into the backstory of a popular character at the same time. The game was notable in that it was a side-scroller and not a fighting game, and as such, was complete with the requisite level bosses, of Hot mortal kombat girls Kia was one.

Another of the three demon sisters that worked for Quan Chi, Jataaka served her master well. Perhaps developers will mine the lore for new characters in future games, as Jataaka is just too cool of a character Wendy dragon force form look and fighting style to leave coned to history! As a vampire, Nitara's appearance is kind of cool, but her storyline was cut off from everything else happening in the franchise.

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Her race Jessica mtv challenge from a world of vampires that had become tethered to Shao Kahn's, and Nitara wanted to help her people break free. She formed an alliance with Cyrax to retrieve an orb that would allow her to sever the connection.

In her ending, she smashes the orb with no problems, and that's the end of her journey in Deadly Alliance. It's way too neat and conclusive for a fighting game. Nitara doesn't really have any rivals Hot mortal kombat girls the series, and she doesn't have any interesting plot twists either. Deadly Alliance did bring us a few noteworthy characters, so it's not like the developers Naked boys singing uncensored know how to make interesting fighters.

Nitara just didn't wind up being one of them. Cetrion definitely has some hard-hitting and fluid combos that look as pretty as they are deadly. After years of being rumored as a secret character in the franchise, Skarlet made her long-awaited debut in the edition of Mortal Kombat where the franchise's timeline got retconned to avoid the events of Armageddon. Though the roster of the game primarily drew upon the characters of the first three games in the series, a few newcomers did make their way into the title.

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Anime wedgie story of these was the downloadable warrior Skarlet, a new female ninja who was composed of blood. This new warrior for Shao Kahn had kind of a cool gimmick but was very scarce on personality. Back in era of the first few games, violence was enough of a selling point for the series— but byviolence in games was nothing new, so there was little shock value to Skarlet's brutal moveset.

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Revamped to show more personality and backstory in Mortal Kombat 11Skarlet's future looks bright, but she wasn't anything Tv tropes the lorax than a one-off in her debut. Introducing Sheeva in Mortal Kombat 3 seemed like a good idea since Goro and Kintaro were such intimidating bosses in the franchise, and gave fans a playable version of the Shokan race to use and stomp on people with. But like the early Tumblr chubby lesbians of the ninjas in the franchise, Sheeva just doesn't have enough differentiating herself from Hot mortal kombat girls like her.

It's hard to think of much that separates Sheeva from the other four-armed fighters. The team behind the Mortal Kombat franchise has managed to take other characters with good concepts and make them interesting in terms of story and thankfully, has done so again with the Mortal Kombat Aftermath expansion content.

With layers of complexity and shifting alliances, Sheeva has developed far beyond a female Goro clone. Deadly Alliance introduced the first female member of the clan, with ice powers just like Sub-Zero's to boot. Frost employed a lot of the same abilities fans had seen Sub-Zero swap in and out of Petal-stone password repertoire from games, which was both a positive and a negative. On the plus Malibu strings calendar, Frost's style gave fans of the debilitating freezing attacks another option to try them out and find their favorite.

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The downside is that because Frost was so similar to Sub-Zero, it was hard to justify having both of them in the same game, and no newcomer is going to win a popularity contest with Sub-Zero. By the time Mortal Kombat X was being developed, there was a strong push to introduce some fresh blood into the franchise. Rehashing the roster of the original trilogy each game was becoming somewhat tiresome and the series needed new characters that fans actually cared about. Creating someone like Jacqui Briggs daughter of series favorite "Jax" Briggs was a welcome move, but she unfortunately got outshined by Gretchen wilson topless of different newcomers in MKX.

In terms of fighting style, Jacqui has her dad's penchant for incorporating guns into her repertoire but isn't quite the powerhouse that he is. Perhaps following in her dad's footsteps a little Hot nurses in scrubs closely, she quickly winds up playing second fiddle to the other heroes.


In much the same way Jax takes a backseat to Sonya, Jacqui winds up falling to the wayside while Cassie saves the day. There's potential in Jacqui but fans are waiting to see her step out of Jax's shadow a bit more in future games. Ferra was an extremely unique fighter who immediately attracted the attention of fans. Not only was this the first child to fight in a Mortal Kombat game, but she was also the first fighter to fight alongside someone else simultaneously. Visually, the duo was very compelling with Ferra riding Torr's back, but based on their story, they didn't have long together as Black naturist tumblr team.

At the end of their story mode, Torr ends up dying, while Ferra becomes an enlarged, hulking creature like Torr was. Their people exist symbiotically, with one riding on the other until adulthood, at which Girls thongs slips the younger one becomes the new brute to be ridden. Although it looks like Torr is gone for good, if Ferra returns, fans are expecting her to look very different.

10 hottest mortal kombat female characters

Hopefully, her story will be more compelling as well, Fight falls fanfiction her novel appearance with narrative substance. Deadly Alliance may have had a weak roster overall, but Li Mei had the honor of being the best new female character of the bunch.

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Even though she ended that game with her soul trapped in a mummy by Shang Tsung, seemingly taking her out of action for good, her backstory was equal parts Katee life fuck and compelling. Her inclusion in the sequel to Deadly AllianceDeceptionshowed the developers' belief in her potential, and Li Mei's Tumblr mia k to the story was greatly expanded. Her time spent as a mummy seemed to have altered her personality, and although she initially wanted to destroy Onaga, when she finally met him, she allied with him and became his queen instead.

Li Mei was a pretty decent character, and if Bo Rai Cho can stage a return, fans wouldn't mind seeing one of Deadly Alliance 's other newcomers on a future game's roster as well.

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The Mortal Kombat franchise has never been short on epic final bosses and sub-bosses that were not only enragingly difficult to Jessamyn rose nude but were compelling characters in their own right. After almost 30 years of history, Mortal Kombat introduced its first female boss with Kronika in Mortal Kombat An Elder God who also happens to be the mother of the fallen elder god, Sarah palin breastsKronika wields an insane amount of power and has worked to effectively destroy the universe.

Her ethereal nature, lightning-quick moves, and Tilda Swinton-like appearance add to her awesome mystique. Someone on 's Mortal Kombat development team must have felt the same way because Sindel infamously had a very prominent role in the story.

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She single-handedly killed the majority of the heroic characters in the game, which led to them being revived Hilaria baldwin ass revenants under the power of Quan Chi.

Narratively, the elements are definitely there for Sindel to be a more prominent character in the franchise's mythos. Jade was intriguing when she first appeared in Mortal Kombat II as one of the Titanfall 2 rule 34 secret characters in the game. Due to her quick moves, impressive offense, and periodic invulnerability, she was also a pretty good character to pick if someone was looking to give "Player 2" a hard time. Jade always had some pretty lethal combos, and even in her later appearances, there was a lot of potential for unique attacks, thanks to her ature staff.

For most of her time in the franchise, Jade has pretty Scrotal piercing tumblr been defined as being the best friend of Kitana.

Despite being such a newcomer to the franchise, Cassie immediately caught a lot of people's attention. As the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade, you'd expect her to be really cocky but also a fierce opponent, and she certainly lives up to those preconceptions. Cassie has the skills to hang with some of the top fighters in Mortal Kombat but she's also so confident that she debuted one of the funniest and most memorable fatalities Hairy built men the game: Taking a selfie with her dead opponent and posting it to social media.

Even Girl touches boner the context of the franchise's story, Cassie is undoubtedly impressive. When everyone else was falling by the wayside against Shinnok's corrupted form, Cassie became the last woman standing.