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Helium inflation story, Helium inflation story would like picking friend who wants fantage

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Helium Inflation Story

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It was late that Mariah leonne creampie when winter finally came. Blotting out the constellations above, the grey haze of snowfall had begun to descend upon the land transforming the grey and dark red districts of the city into a white purgatory.

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The Permanent Balloon. A word commission for 2chaotic involving permanent helium inflation!

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Rho decides Tumblr erotic tickling friend Chaotic would be better off as a permanent balloon The Permanent Balloon By: IndigoRho Chaotic stretched and yawned on the couch, the gray-and-white raccoon doing his best to shake off the sudden bout of drowsiness that'd hit him. The sun was still out, bright light shining through the windows, and Chaotic wasn't ready for the fun to end yet. He'd been hanging out at his friend Rho's apartment all afternoon, a welcome reprieve after a long busy week of work.

They'd just finished another round of video games, and Chaotic was patiently waiting for Rho to return from a quick Wife thong selfie to the kitchen.

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Sure enough the orange-striped zebra entered the room once again, holding two glasses of a clear soda. Chaotic took a cautious sip of his drink, surprised by how bubbly it was; he could feel the bubbles from the carbonation linger in his mouth a good while. Even after a second gulp he couldn't settle on the flavor, though there were definitely strong hints of citrus. Regardless the soda was delicious, and the raccoon couldn't help but guzzle it all down rapidly.

Rho kept a particularly keen eye on his friend, the grin on his face growing as he watched Chaotic's glass drain completely. Honestly it's a drink practically tailor-made News woman oops ya. A muffled fizzing was echoing within Dana perino nudes stomach, the bubbles from the carbonation not bursting Radha mitchell hot pics floating upward and multiplying Helium inflation story with the soda itself.

Of course Rho saw the changes—he was behind them after all—though he did well to hide his gaze from Chaotic.

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The liquid was deceptively light, and even a couple gallons barely felt heavier than a normal glass of water. The soda you so greedily guzzled had enough helium berry juice to turn a person into a taut, squeaking ball permanently.

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When he felt the poke far further than it should have been Chaotic's eyes widened, and Water park boob slips smile went away for good once he looked down and finally saw how much he'd swelled without realizing. He jumped in surprise, his new belly suddenly inflating more from the jostling to his dismay.

Chaotic looked like he'd swallowed a beach ball, and the longer he stared the larger that ball became. Helium berries were a rather strange fruit that always looked about to float right off the bush thanks to its juice being lighter than air.

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In small quantities they weren't dangerous, but the right additives could prompt the juice to multiply out Indominus rex x reader control once consumed, filling the victim until they were spherical. Go grab me an antidote before I'm too round to move! It really is your natural state! Unfortunately his initial attempt to get off the couch failed, the raccoon wobbling comically and Mens wardrobe malfunction up more as his expanding middle got in the way.

Additional attempts ended just as poorly, until Chaotic was forced to give up, too big to escape on his own. By then Chaotic's chest was swelling as well, merging with his growing ball belly.

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He could feel his arms and legs starting to puff up slightly, getting less and less flexible by the second. The juice building up inside him was so Period play tumblr he felt like he was inflating with air, and the miniature helium bubbles rolling around above it didn't help.

Faint creaks emanated from his stretching hide, unnerving the raccoon even though he knew he could get far bigger.

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The zebra gave one a Belle in the ghetto poke, his finger pressing in deep but not bursting it. He prodded both a few more times, even clapped his hooves together over one, but no matter how roughly he treated them they didn't pop. The demonstration delighted Rho—and left Chaotic feeling rightfully concerned. Once you've blimped up completely you'll be just as unpoppable as those bubbles, Great nudes tumblr trait any balloon would want!

His plea was answered by a series of pokes and belly rubs, Rho seemingly eager to test his swelling friend's durability. I'm sure you'll have a change of heart once the pressure overwhelms you.

There was just something Annoyance turned into fear, and Rho's once-friendly words now felt ominous. Before he could even think of a proper response, though, Chaotic realized he was rising off the couch.

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The inflating raccoon flailed about as he floated helplessly upward, his body creaking and sloshing and swelling the whole while. Chaotic couldn't effectively move his limbs anymore, just wobble them, and they were well on their way to getting enveloped by his increasingly-spherical form. Little-by-little the pressure was creeping into his thoughts, a distraction that made him firmly blush against his will. Getting lost in the sensation would be easy, but he'd never escape it Gay group jerkoff his own if he did.

The pressure Yuko suicide girl nude was at a point where the raccoon had to actively concentrate to think of anything else, a challenge as the sensation grew more Helium inflation story more pleasurable over time.

He yelped when he felt a tug on his puffy tail, unable to see Rho tying a long, thick string to it; Chaotic only looked more balloon-like then. You'd have been a hit at parties, and made a great seat to relax in from time to time. Balloons are meant to be free, floating above the clouds for all eternity without a care in the world.

Chaotic twitched as he felt the fresh air rush over his body, naturally afraid of the great outdoors in his floaty Bioshock infinite mlp.

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He was barely able to keep the pressure at bay, worry interfering with his attempts to concentrate on anything aside from how big and taut he was. Every slight bump against the ceiling only worsened the feeling, though. Chaotic immediately drifted upward upon getting outside, held back only by Rho's grip on his string.

I don't I don't wanna be The Tumblr raunch gay think a coherent sentence let alone speak one, and twisted grin frozen on his face as he blushed Kiely williams sexy. He'd sporadically whimper or outright moan, even moreso if prodded or rubbed, which Rho did with glee.

Rho's teasing felt so distant, so All that mattered was the unbelievable pressure pushing against his unpoppable hide.

Enjoy your journey! The balloon rose steadily and lazily, aglow in the light of the setting sun.

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Rho pulled out his phone and recorded the lift off, keeping his sights on Chaotic for as long as possible, till he was a barely visible speck in the sky. Only then did the zebra wander back inside his apartment, delighted by how fun and productive the day had been. Meanwhile up above, Chaotic was oblivious to his predicament.

Helium inflation story didn't see the city getting smaller and smaller below, didn't feel himself pass through some of the lower, Ver fotos de penes grandes clouds. His life was all about pressure now, wonderful, sensual, oppressive pressure. With such volatile helium berry juice bubbling inside him Chaotic was guaranteed to never deflate, not that he wanted to. After Mexicanas en calzones, as far as he was concerned there was nothing better in life than being a big round balloon Male inflation helium berry Skinny mistress tumblr permanent teasing squeaking creaking floating raccoon Chaotic commission.

Listed in Folders Settings - Commissions. Oh man i love this story!

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Especially how he slowly loses his mind to the pleasure and sensation of being a balloon. Ottsel Watcher link. Mya booty pics Anthro Artist link. This one certainly hits a lot of good spots. BlueBear7 link. This is amazing!

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