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Gohan x bulma lemon, Thai chica look up guy to Gohan x bulma lemon

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Gohan X Bulma Lemon

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By: wargene Nobody expected it from him. Not even himself. Warning, this chapter's a lemon. So beware to all prudes. Caution, may cause unintentional snoring, utter boredom or sleepy side effects Dragonball still isn't mine Ah darn But the story

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Partially inspired by a headcanon submitted to dragon-ball-meta though TBF, I was the anon who submitted it in the first place so…make of that what you will.

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Also tagging chestnutislandand cc I may have done little more than reblog stuff I liked, but this was a great place Soleil moon frye weight loss e to dip my fingers into erotic literature. For anyone who followed me for my fanfiction, you can find me on Fanfiction.

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Until then, peace out! However, since both authors retired Natalie tran nude fanfiction, and I just happened to have saved the story offline since the OG Coming of age movies with nudity nuked by FF…twiceI took it upon myself to preserve and breathe new life into the story that inspired me to do dirty Dragon Ball lemons in the first place Whether or not this is considered art-theft is beyond me, but I want to make a disclaimer and say that I am not taking credit for the original story, nor am I claiming the idea as mine.

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With all that said, enjoy the story that started it all: A hot threesome between Gohan, Videl, and Bulma. Keep reading.

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This is my first time writing Vegito, so fingers crossed and strap in folks, this is gonna be a hot one! Posts Archive.

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Commissions Are Open. Fanfiction Author! Two pairs of Z-Fighters are getting set for an annual double date.

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After doing it for so many years, it's practically a tradition. Why are all these nice things happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Fanfics! With all that said, enjoy the story that started it all: A hot threesome between Gohan, Videl, and Bulma Keep reading. Fic blog reblog.

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Fic Blog reblog.