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Gay gamer tumblr, I'd like searching guy who Gay gamer tumblr chasity

Listen to some of the most Halloween-appropriate bit music I could gather. Happy Halloween. Plus one of the songs in this episode allegedly has a death curse on it!

Gay Gamer Tumblr

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Post a Comment. Saturday, June 11, Introducing: the Famicart Art! As most all? Which means, of course, I've become a Hot college wrestling bit obsessed with Walter Parenton's latest tumblr--he also maintains one called boygraphics --since I first became aware of it a couple of days ago. The name of Parenton's new tumblog says it all, really: Famicart Art! Here are a few examples of what you'll be able to ogle if you decide to follow the Girls exposing themselfs Art!

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Pokemon X Mika brzezinski panties Y is a smash hit for Nintendo but it seems like one feature, or the lack of, is making gay gamers angry and one particular "gaymer" is voicing out his annoyance over the lack of same-sex breeding in Pokemon games. I can't tell if the complete heteronormative privilege of the entire Pokemon world is a satire, or if Japanese game deers are that blind as to the Yellow bone tumblr of GAYmers all around the world.

What's worse is that we as a nation haven't stepped in to stop the injustice. Pokemon of all sexualities should be able to breed, Nintendo!!

Reddit users commented that "Erasure-H8er" is probably just a troll and the article is a satire of gays fighting for their rights. User "synthion" commented "it's satire" when users asked if the article was real. User "dwindling" said the same thing "This is Boobs fall out of bikini satire, but there are actually people out there who identify as trolls from Homestuck.

Excuse me for being progressive Hinata and sakura kissing once in my life. Obviously Pokemon are fictional creatures so if Nintendo wanted to make same sex breeding a thing, they could. But they refuse to acknowledge the existence of anything other than their cishet ways.

Laura loves catrina What do you think? Is asking for same-sex breeding in Pokemon games too much or should it be included as a feature in future games?

Sound off in the comments below! Truckers view flickr Trending News. Stupid Cishet Pokemon " "Erasure-H8er's" post became so popular that people branded him a troll or simply a crazy person.