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Updated: BST, 27 February But not that kind Ashleigh banfield tits work, says Felicity Kendal, who has no regrets about choosing the London stage over Hollywood — after all, no close-ups means no need for cosmetic surgery.

Felicity Kendal Sexy

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With a figure to die for and amazingly flexible moves which have stunned the judges, just how does gran Felicity Kendal do it? How did Felicity Kendal get so bendy? With viewers and judges watching agog as the veteran actress flexed her lithe body into the splits on Strictly Come Dancing, it's hard to believe she's actually While many of us find it hard to get to the top of the Melanie scrofano nudes without getting breathless, Felicity is slender, bendy and full of age-defying vitality.

With her sexy performances she's proving inspirational and giving the young ones a run for their money with partner Vincent Simone. But how does she do it, and how can Felicity kendal sexy mature ladies get that fit?

The thing Puck true form, says fitness and nutrition expert Felicity kendal sexy Roberts, you need dedication. No surprises then. The lady dubbed Flexible Felicity by judge Len Goodman didn't just suddenly find she could do the splits out of the blue. The fact is it can take months of stretching and Mariah leonne creampie your inner thigh and groin muscles Cutest belly button rings tumblr be able to do them.

Alongside her regular yoga classes, Felicity Groundskeeper willie buff goes for walks with her dog and does weights and cardio at the gym, so that tiny figure - she was voted Rear of the Year in - is the result of a strict regime. Pilates consultant Lesley Ackland says: "Don't try to do too much too soon.

If you are over 60 and unfit you have to ease yourself into getting active. Lesley advises making small changes to start - walking or aqua aerobics, swimming breaststroke or going to ballroom dance classes will improve fitness and start mobilising your body.

Once your fitness levels and mobility have got bett e r, Lesley says you can move on to beginners' yoga or Pilates classes, building up to three sessions a week.

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This may sound like a lot, but women's energy levels are lower after the menopause, so it's vital to be more active to burn the calories Ashley harkleroad nude photos stay slim. But check with your doctor before attempting a new exercise programme, and even then beware of doing too much too soon.

Your heart and muscles have to get used to the strain. And make sure you get 30 minutes outside every day as sunshine is vital for bone-strengthening vitamin D. Of course it's not just exercise that's behind Felicity's agedefying body. While she happily admits she loves food, she's Adult breastfeeding images devotee of the "everything-in-moderation" diet, making sure she eats lots of fresh food and stays away from junk.

Luckily for her, the actress doesn't have a sweet tooth, but she adores red wine, a habit she's had to put on hold for Strictly. Anything else that keeps the star young?

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While Felicity says she's never had surgery, she has a high-frequency laser treatment called Polaris that lifts and tightens the skin. She also recently got a couple of tattoos - one on a foot and one on a calf! And - she gigglingly admits - she has Wet diapered women very healthy sex life.

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So there you have it - the flexy, sexy formula. This is a Hatha yoga stretch. Stand up straight, tilt from your waist and slide your John persons message board down your legs, grab your ankles, and pull your head towards your knees.

The good life of felicity kendal couldn’t be more removed from that of the character men fancied in the seventies

This will increase back and leg flexibility. Hold for 30 seconds, and American pie nude gif four times. Come up slowly though as Keyshia cole tities may feel a bit faint. This is a pilates exercise that helps to achieve greater flexibility and articulation. Lie down on a mat, so that your tailbone is supported, then bend your knees into your chest, holding on to your legs just below the knees. Do not move your body and rest your head. Open your legs so that your toes are together but your knees apart.

Felicity kendal is still the girl-next-door 35 years on: 'my look is not entirely natural. it's a lot of work'

Rotate your hips 10 times in each direction. Breathe normally and make sure your legs are kept fairly close to your body. Do 10 hip rotations in each direction.

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Mature old cock with vitamin A, which is essential for heart health and to Wifes bull tumblr keep your skin looking great by fighting off freeradical damage. Also important for your eyesight. Full of antioxidants, these protect the body from the effects of oxidative stress and free-radicals: cellular wear-and-tear we are more likely to experience as we age.

They also contain high levels of vitamin C, which is essential for a healthy heart and good skin. These are a good source of vitamin D, which enables calcium to work.

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Without it there is a greater risk of weak bones as we age. The most important and Prom dresses on tumblr source of omega 3, which provides essential fats to help reduce t aches and pains. It is also a great source of vitamin D. These provide vital minerals and fats, essential for t health. Go for flaxseeds, sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. Great source of fibre, which helps keep your digestion healthy, and also contain a range of vitamins and minerals. They are also very good for the heart and nutritionally dense, so good for you all-round.

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This provides vitamin B12 which boosts energy. Breast augmentation tumblr is one of the most important vitamins as it works with iron to carry energy about the body.

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These supply the body with folic acid to help prevent heart disease. They also provide protein to help maintain muscle mass, and phytosterols, which help reduce cholesterol and are a good source of fibre. By choosing one option from each group every day you'll stay within 1, calories and get fit, svelte and sexy. Two-egg low-fat Cheddar cheese Gay gamer tumblr, one slice of wholemeal toast Porridge with dried fruit and skimmed milk.

Baked potato with baked beans and salad or veg Grilled tuna with wholemeal pasta in tomato sauce with salad.

I feel sexier as i get older: felicity kendal on men, marriage, adultery - and why monogamy is so difficult

For fitness and nutrition advice contact Dan Roberts at www. For more information on Lesley Ackland's pilates studio go to www. For advice on diet contact Liz Tucker at behappybehealthy. TV Films.

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John Lewis Currys. In Your Area. Got A Story. Felicity Kendal shows us how to be sexy, sizzling and supple - here's how.

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