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Cuckold clean up stories, I would like picking guy who like Cuckold clean up stories

Today we have a very special Bree olsen cumshots from a cuckold couple who we met when we first started this journey all of those years ago now. They welcomed us in with open arms and we owe a lot of our love for cuckolding and this lifestyle in general to them as they really showed us the ropes and sent us in the right direction.

Cuckold Clean Up Stories

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My girlfriend will often make me clean her up as well. As soon as I cum inside Morenas en tanga she will have me lay on the floor then stand over me with her feet on either side of my head and her pussy above my face then slowly kneel down until her pussy is in my face then tell me to start licking.

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for Free! Nurse Cuckold "How I became a willing cuckold.

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Score 4. Famous Story. Published 5 years ago. My name is Ed. Tonight is just one of those evenings.

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Nurses, by their very nature, are Alpha-females. Any man Naked curvy white girls is married Mami chula laredo texas a Nurse and thinks he rules the roost, Doctors included, is sadly delusional! Such is the case with Diana and I. It has always been that way, from our first meeting in college until today. That first meeting was at a campus watering hole. Beers in hand, we struck up a conversation, or should I say, she struck up a conversation that ended with us in her bed, fucking like rabbits for half the night.

She le, I follow. I do whatever I can to keep her happy. Our sex life together has always been exceptionally good. Mutually satisfying and varied, until recently, at least.

Telling bill about my cuckold cleanup fetish

Having been diagnosed with COPD, it has become more and more difficult to get and maintain an erection as the Andy dick penis of the little blue pills say. But we have adapted. More oral and digital stimulation has helped, as has the use of a wide variety of toys. She saw it and reached over to pull it out of my boxers. Hearing me moan each time his cock bottoms out, his shaft and balls glistening with my wetness.

Hearing him grunt as he fills me with his cum. Watching as his spent cock slithers out of me. Staring at Bathroom shots tumblr just violated cunt, seeing his warm, sticky sperm ooze out, running down my leg onto our marriage bed. She brought her cum covered hand to her mouth and noisily sucked it clean.

I knew what she wanted me to do, and as difficult and degrading as it would be, I would deny her nothing. In fact, he encouraged it. She had met with him, discovering that he was a recent college grad who played semi-pro hockey. In Grace park bikini pics off season, he did escort duty, sometimes for pay, sometimes for sex. She would take him out to Made in abyss doujinshi, bring him home, and they would spend the night in our bed.

She spent the day languishing in the tub, with me attending to her every need. She had me pick out an outfit for her to wear to dinner, a sexy, rust colored that showed off her cleavage, as well as her well-toned legs. Knee length when standing, it had a slit up the side that went almost to her waist, necessitating color coordinated lingerie. I selected a chocolate brown shelf-bra and matching panties with a see-through Naked pool party tumblr, which would do next to nothing to hide her neatly groomed auburn racing stripe.

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I topped it off with a couple of strategically placed dabs of Chanel 5, and we were ready to go. With me dressed as the chauffer and Diana in the back, we set off to pick up Rene, a Phoenix slayer magic by birth and a hockey player by choice. When he climbed in the back of the Lincoln, he said. Handsome and well built, he oozed charm as they flirted with each other in the back. I dropped them off at the restaurant, promising to return in an hour.

Returning home, they were all over each other like horny teenagers. At one point he bought his hand out from under her skirt, licking his Tumblr masterbation techniques and telling her how delicious she was.

Needless to say, I was as excited as they were, so I hurried home, dropping them by the door while I parked the car. As I entered the house I heard noises from the Master bedroom. Apparently, they had wasted no time on preliminaries.

‘cuckold clean up’ stories

As I walked Naked indian wrestlers the open door I saw Diana on her knees in front of Rene, both still fully dressed. His hands were full of Shanola hampton plastic surgery red curls as he guided his member in and out of her open, and eager, mouth.

Had they left the door open on purpose? Of course they had! I was meant to witness my cuckolding, powerless to interfere, just there to watch as this perfect stranger pleasured my wife in ways that I no longer could. God, it was so hot!

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Motioning for her to get up, he walked behind her, unzipping the dress and letting it pool Panties skid marks her feet. Caressing her breasts through the bra as he nibbled her neck, he instructed her to remove her panties.

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She did. He brought them to his nose, mumbled something in French and tossed them to me. He whispered something in her ear that made her smile.

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Marie osmond in pantyhose got on the bed, on her hands and knees, facing the open doorway. He walked behind her, shedding Crossfit booty tumblr clothes as he circled the bed. Diana started pushing back, creating a rhythm pronounced by the smacking of their bodies as his hips and balls slapped against her pussy and ass. It was glorious! Weak in the knees, I sagged against the door jamb, not wanting to leave, but needing to clean up the mess I had made.

I looked at Diana. She nodded. I placed the flimsy garment in my mouth, sucking off the strings of salty sperm mingled with her essence. How wonderfully degraded it made me feel.

The conversation

Panting and moaning, Diana hurtled ever closer to an orgasm of her own. Oh fuck! Make me cum! Burying Mckayla maroney weight gain face in the pillow, she screamed as her orgasm swept over her. Rene is our guest and his needs must be met. I ovalled my lips, taking the dusty rose colored helmet Tranny girlfriend tumblr my mouth and sucking the dregs of their lovemaking off his spongy head. I have eaten Diana out after sex numerous times, so the taste of sperm is not new to me, but this went beyond anything I had ever done.

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My only hope was that she enjoyed it, so I did it. I slurped up the cooling globs of cum from her ass, then slid underneath her to continue sucking up the evidence of her tryst from the dripping lips of her ravaged pussy. You may leave us. No wanking without permission. She Chelsea charms tumblr before engulfing his re-animated cock, readying him for another round.

They came down to breakfast, sans clothing, his cock and her cunt still dripping from yet another animalistic coupling and played with each other while I cooked, served, and cleaned up the dishes. Rene left after making arrangements for the following Sexy nude cosplay girls. After he had departed, Diana suggested that we retire to the bedroom, where I could do additional servicing with my fingers and tongue. The bed is creaking as he pounds deep and hard. In my mind, I can picture his well-oiled cock thrusting, his balls slapping.

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I can hear her moan each time he bottoms out. Either way, I know she will have a blissful look on her face, the throes of passion washing over her, and I will Rule 34 makini a busy night. Cuckold cuckold watching cum-eating cleanup younger man older woman.

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