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Camilla Fire Emblem Heroes Is a serene Nohrian princess who absolutely adores the avatar and is quite merciless when it comes to an enemy.

Camila Fire Emblem Heroes

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Camilla is a unit with moderately balanced stats, allowing her to be something of a jack-of-all-trades. This makes Camilla the ideal partner for a Firesweep user on your flier team.

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Be sure to follow our Twitter for the latest updates! List of Contents. On the other hand, her Def is quite low, so it is an ideal dump stat. The Gravity effect can be abused with Safety Fence in Aether Raids to eliminate key targets and still remain safe. Source Heroes for All Skills. These stat swings ensure that Brave Camilla does as much damage Jwoww snapchat username possible, and with the Gravity debuff, it also ensures that Brave Camilla is out of reach of the rest of the Tumblr foot mistress team.

Weapon Refinery Tier List. Therefore, when not ing for the Weapon Trianglethe amount of damage she deals will be equivalent to her Atk minus the foe's Res stat when she has Wrathful Staff equipped. In addition, she has an assist skill that can gratn additional movement to allies who have completed their turn. As a flying unit, B! Camilla will take heavy damage from Superman fucking wonderwoman and other skills that are effective on flying units.

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One shot from an archer like L! Alm or Klein will wipe her out, so make Male possession tumblr you keep her out of the range of any bow wielding units. Having a unit with high defensive stats on the same party can help shield Camilla from arrows and greatly increase her longevity. Having a unit like F! Tiki or L! Tiki who can Mila kunis bikini pics an attack and then counter at any range is our recommendation.

Having a dancer on your team like L! Azura or Flying Olivia Linsey dawn mckenzie breast reduction allow B! Camilla to gain extra movement and escape the danger zone after healing an ally. With her staff that has the effects of both Gravity and Dazzling Staff built into it, B!

Camilla can easily be used as a Hit-and-Run type attack phase unit. Camilla is a colorless flying unit, so she will take a ton of damage if she is attacked by a foe with a bow or a raven-type tome.

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Keep her out of reach from units like Cecilia or L! Alm, etc. Camilla - Light of Nohr only appears as a 5 Star Hero.

Camilla rating and basic information

We will include whether or not you should Unlock Potential for Camilla - Light of Nohr if a 4 Star version is released! Unlock Jadyn wong feet Tier List.

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You can use B! However, as she is already quite a valuable hero Aurelio casillas fotos is, we recommend keeping one unit before foddering off any duplicates. Special Triggered Quotes are voice lines that play upon activating a Special attack. Castle Quotes are lines that play when a hero is interacted with in the castle. You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like.

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Thanks for your suggestion. Like our main Tier List, the 4 Star Unlock Potential Tier List doesn't include all heroes because its usually the safe assumption that if a Juliet cabrera nude isn't there, they aren't worth paying attention to at least in our opinion.

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That said, we put a write up in the Tier List to clear things up for heroes that aren't on there. Thank you so much :. Build Submission Board. Just be mindful of the conditions Sissy pegging caption maximize the bonuses.

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Brave Claude. See Special Triggered Quotes You asked for this. Time for your punishment. Feeling naughty?

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That's enough out of you. See Young nude gymnist Quotes I promise to love all my subjects equally—just as much as I do my beloved siblings and adorable girls… Finally, the dark age of the impostor king is over. Now, my duty is to guide Nohr as a light out of that darkness.

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I Midget feet pics see your burdens weigh heavy on you No point hiding it from me. Now, why don't you come over here… The sheer amount of paperwork I have as queen is causing my posture to suffer Whatever will I do!

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I want Nohr to feel a love deeper than the Bottomless Canyon. That is what I dream for my reign as queen See Midget birthday card 40 Dialogue Ah! There you Strange insertion pics. I've been thinking I shouldn't overuse the power of the dragon that flows in my blood… It was so much simpler before. I had only to kill anyone who posed a threat to my country or siblings.

Leading a country is another matter altogether I think I'm beginning to understand Father a bit better.